Franklin Street

Franklin Street is a fully-integrated commercial real estate company that primarily conducts business in Florida and Georgia. Based in Tampa, the firm offers a complement of services under one roof: real estate investment, tenant and landlord rep, insurance, management, capital, and valuations. Franklin Street has closed more than $2 billion in real estate deals since opening for business in 2006 and has been named a Best Company to Work for by the Tampa Bay Business Journal and it’s CEO, Andrew Wright, has been named The Best Boss to Work For by Real Estate Forum magazine.

What Boardroom Delivers

Franklin Street is a full-service commercial real estate company based in Florida. BoardroomPR handles a large-scale media relations campaign across the state that includes coverage in Jacksonville, Tampa, Orlando and South Florida. Boardroom works closely with the internal communications team as well as the various brokers and agents to continually promote new deals. Through this continuous stream of media coverage, Boardroom was able to help Franklin Street gain brand awareness and increase their business.

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