Schlesinger Law

Based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Schlesinger Law Offices is a personal injury law firm focused on holding big corporations and major manufacturers accountable for the harm they cause and the damage suffered by the general public through acts of negligence and misconduct. The firm is currently working on cases involving Big Tobacco, Accutane medication, defective medical devices, and defective drug products. At Schlesinger Law, Truth Equals Justice.

What Boardroom Delivers

For more than 60 years, Schlesinger Law has been synonymous with personal injury law among contemporaries, peers, jurists, and the community. For a third of that time, the pioneering personal injury, medical malpractice, product liability and wrongful death law firm has been a client of BoardroomPR.

Schlesinger Law continues to rely on BoardroomPR to deliver timely media coverage of its high-profile courtroom victories. Whether related to catastrophic automobile accidents, medical malpractice that has left patients and their families with horrific and long-term outcomes, and tobacco use that resulted in untimely wrongful death – often following years of suffering, BoardroomPR’s relationship with area media guaranteed coverage of the firm’s multimillion dollar damage awards.

As with many Legal Services clients, jury verdicts and court rulings don’t happen on a convenient schedule. Schlesinger Law often calls on its BoardroomPR client service team with news of awards late in the day with the expectation of timely, next-day coverage. BoardroomPR delivers, writing, getting approved, and distributing press releases to area media and securing the high-profile coverage the cases warrant.

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