Content marketing – connecting the digital dots to build your business

Don Silver

What is content marketing, and why should you be integrating your PR, digital, social and web platforms to connect with your target audiences? It’s nothing more than building traffic and conversions by emphasizing their interests, pain points and aspirations as a magnet for continuous attention to fresh content. This may be in the form of articles, social media, blogs, webinars and newsletters to keep stakeholders, contacts, referral sources and prospects engaged.

You may liken it to the exploding number of choices people have today to consume news. There are thousands of sources to choose from. The challenge is how to choose the right ones that make them want to click, like and follow your content. In addition to the post content, featuring great visuals such as original photography, creative graphics, infographics and videos significantly increases open rates, click-throughs and lead generation.

One size does not fit all. How often do you see a company copy and paste a full press release to their blog and social media? Amateur approaches like this do not garner attention. There is a time and a place for most everything, but web surfers and social media aficionados do not like to be disrespected with gobs of text. Look at the social media and sites you frequently visit and you will see what attracts people.

Once you are ready to dip your feet in the content marketing arena, ask yourself these questions: Is my campaign business-to-business (b2b), am I targeting the general public (b2c) or both? For example, an attorney may be seeking out referrals from fellow attorneys and marketing consumer-based practices directly to prospective clients. Each requires a different approach. The consumer campaign may rely on magazine articles offering tips with Instagram and Facebook “boosted” posts and an eNewsletter going to a list of former clients. The b2b attorney case referral campaign might include articles in local law journals and lunches with referral sources combined with LinkedIn posts and an eblast with a tailored attorney contact list.

The most important lessons learned by content marketing pros are to have a modern, mobile ready website, up-to-date targeted database(s), relevant content, attractive visuals to get them to click on your content, and the ability to reach beyond your followers and networks with boosted content. Joining groups of like-minded individuals or businesspersons can also be a productive way to join and engage in conversations.

Lastly, if you don’t measure results, you will be playing the field with a blindfold. Online marketing professionals rely on robust analytics that show click-through and download behavior, likes and messaging, as well as sources of traffic, consumer behavior and leads.


Don Silver is the COO of BoardroomPR.

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