Google URL Inspection Tool Shows Marketers What The Search Engine Sees


Ever wonder how Google’s search engine inspects website and individual page URLs? The answer is now YES, via a new addition to the Google Search Console (GSC).


With the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) steadily evolving, achieving top page-one rankings requires attention to detail and perseverance. Google now enables marketers to inspect specific website URLs to better understand how its search technology sees each page.


With the Google Search Console, you can see a detailed report on crawl, indexing and serving information about desired web pages from the Google index. It can also show a page’s last crawl date, performing status, as well as any errors that might exist.


Its purpose is to help evaluate search results. If the content is successfully indexed, users can see and learn information from Google’s crawl history or be informed of any status changes, such as a linked Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP). If the said page is not indexed correctly, a report will be prompted to explain why, along with deductions such as non-indexed meta tags.


While the Google Search Console has implemented these helpful tools, it is worth noting that it does not report on the live version of a web page.


With the introduction of GSC, new features and reports are steadily becoming available as the beta grows. Some highlights include years’ worth of traffic data, ability to repair data issues affecting search results, appearance filters in analytics and many more.


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