How to Increase Your Media Production

By: Don Silver, COO, BoardroomPR

Today, the media landscape is a lot more challenging.  That’s why it is important to think through your PR strategy prior to getting in front of an issue.  Two excellent outlets for opinion pieces and letters to the editor are daily newspaper editorial pages. Trade journals work well with both opinion pieces and how-to pieces while blog posts and eNewsletters are also excellent options to get your news and opinions out there, but will one size fit all?  Nope.

A criminal defense attorney client recently provided us with a long-form piece on how Uber is saving lives by keeping drunk drivers off the road, which we edited several times and had our writer convert to a smaller 400-word piece.  Our team then pitched the long piece to the Daily Business Review and received a commitment. They are now working the shortened version with newspaper opinion sections throughout Florida.  Might even pitch the same topic and client to public affairs shows to get him booked as a guest.

Letters to the editor are typically 150-250 words while OPEDs are 300-500 words.  Guest blog posts and eNewsletter articles are 250-500 words.  Trade journal pieces can be anywhere from 500-3000 words.

That’s why it makes sense to produce multiple versions of the same piece.  It also helps you get around any exclusivity issues for publications that require it.

The moral of the story is to have multiple arrows in your Florida media relations quiver.  It will definitely increase your batting average and media production.

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