Instagram DMs Now Show Activity Status

  • January 19, 2018
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  • Posted by Felipe Calderon

Social Media user checking phone

Instagram newest feature tells you when you were last checked in on social media’s favorite app, and its turned on by default.

This new feature began to be noticed by users on Thursday when the latest update was rolled out on iOS and Android. The twist is it does not showcase to all followers, only to those you have interacted with on Direct Message or have tagged on Instagram Stories.

For those involved, a timestamp is shown to when you last opened the app, or messaging screen.


Fortunately, if you do not want others to see when you curve them, the feature is easy to turn off here’s how in 4 easy steps.

Instagram Activity Status

Step 1: Tap on your profile page

Step 2: Click the settings gear under your name (next to edit profile)

Step 3: Scroll down the settings menu until you see the toggle for “Show Activity Status.”

Step 4: Turn it off, and your Instagram addiction will remain private to you and your followers.

However, there’s a catch – if you turn it off, you will not be able to see when other users were last active.




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