Instagram Marketing Trends for 2018

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With the social media landscape constantly shifting, marketers will be looking to develop, optimize and promote content to their faithful followers by utilizing paid posts.

Will 2018 be the year where Instagram marketing turns up the volume with how boosting impacts the performance of business accounts?

Boosting will become the new normal on Instagram

It’s been six years since we’ve seen social media giant Facebook acquire Instagram, and everyone’s biggest fear was that it would follow in Facebook’s footsteps and become Pay-to-Play. Half a decade later, we’re finally starting to see the shift in that direction with algorithm changes on our feeds.

Fortunately, Instagram Stories have saved the day with new and effective ways to connect organically with followers, for free, through the use of clickable links & polls.

Nevertheless, if you want to maintain high engagement and reach in 2018, you’ll need to get friendly with Instagram advertising. While this has been around for a while, learning how to effectively reach your audience requires some level of knowledge to get started, it can be an intimidating process, but here are some tips to get you started.

The good news is, you can “boost” any Instagram post to your followers and similar accounts without tailoring your ads. Much like Facebook boosting, Instagram posts have similar capabilities to view impressions, likes and “profile visits.”

Boosting will seamlessly integrate your post, thanks to the new algorithm, in users’ feeds the only difference is it being “sponsored” at the top and a call to action button.

In all, low organic reach for brands & companies on Instagram is adequate for relying on sponsored content to gain visibility. While organic reach won’t completely vanish, reaching top levels will become hard to achieve without the support of a paid strategy. In fact, many of your favorite brands are promoting their content on all platforms to maintain relevant engagement.

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Home Sweet Home

With Instagram’s recent update your profile will become just as pivotal as your Homepage on your website with Instagram Story Highlights.

It is well-known that key stories that you share can now live permanently on your profile for followers & viewers to see! By doing so, brands can highlight key offerings, products, services & even implement a call-to-action button, which can lead visitors directly to your online shop. This will give your profile more depth and value by driving traffic, show off your brand and most importantly increase followers!

Instagram Story Ads

Instagram stories helped define how valuable of a social media platform it really is. Its copy/paste version of Snapchat core may not have had as many features as its competitor, but it did not stop its rise in popularity to over 300 Million active users daily, nearly double of Snapchat.

Mentioned previously, Instagram’s stories are an essential part of your Instagram Marketing Strategy for 2018, with the real trend for it being used to garner new audiences.

Released in March 2017, Instagram Story Ads are sponsored stories that the Instagramer sees in-between viewing stories. These targeted ads, oftentimes are integrated seamlessly with simple call-to-action phrases promoting their services. For example, OpenTable: Make last minute reservations in a snap. Book Now.

Advertising costs, for now, are relatively cheap which allows the opportunity for experimentation to figure out what works best for you.

With the year starting to ramp up 2018, will be a pivotal year for Instagram & Instagram Marketing Trends.

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