Video Production

More and more companies are realizing the power of video. This medium allows you to communicate in such a way that is compelling, entertaining and which can win the hearts and minds of your customers and clients. Those who are using video have increased their customer engagement considerably and seen their rankings improve in the major search engines. Many people these days would rather spend a few minutes watching your message rather than reading about it. A video is also a good way to demonstrate your skills and expertise and create an emotional connection with the end user.
Whether you are in need of a corporate image video, or one to communicate your charity mission to donors, or you would like ongoing content for your website or social media, Boardroom PR can help. Many of our PR experts had previous experience in the television industry and are adept and the latest storytelling techniques.
Boardroom PR is proud to offer the following services in this area:
• Concept creation and story boarding
• Videography
• Editing
• Post production
• Scripting

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