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In recent years Google has made drastic alterations to the layout of its pages. With as high as 50% of a
search page now displaying ads, it has become ever more difficult for organic businesses to rank highly
and visibly for potential clients. Regardless it’s still common to find non-profit and Google 3-pack
applicable businesses placed directly following ads and dominating Google maps, making the 3-pack or
top local businesses a very desired status for any online company. Google My Business is one of the
strongest methods most companies have to attain this status. This is exactly why Google My Business, now rebranded to Google Business Profile, should be understood, and acted upon
fully for success.

In essence, Google My Business or GMB is similar to running an additional site, incorporating many
factors and outstanding opportunities to quickly rank within the google 3-pack. In order to successfully
harness the ranking and business-lifting power of GMB, firstly a company needs to have all aspects of its
Google Business Profile aligned with its website. Said profile and site should be internally optimized and
pointed to by various other sites for a high quantity of traffic in order to rank with Google.

One of the main factors contributing to GMB-driven success remains a company’s ability to take
advantage of all the real estate a Google Business Profile provides. Make sure every field within a profile
is filled. Align the profiles category with its applicable business, list services prominently and upload
photos and videos, including a clear 360-degree take of the company office. Make sure also to include

exact phone numbers, strive for excellent and numerous reviews, applicable photos, and any other
authenticity items possible or available. All these actions go a long way to further google appraisal of
your company’s legitimacy. Another thing to note is that videos and photos are appraised based on
applicable geo coordinates, meaning they need to be taken around the office or the location of
operation to uphold this legitimacy.

Following proper business categorization and profile completion, it’s time to begin attracting potential
clients to your website and call lines through GMB; results that act as major legitimacy-proving
indicators. The best way to do this is to begin promoting yourself. Link any blog and/or social media
posts directly to your GMB, treating it like another critical website. Other methods such as charity
donations, on-site or site directing promotions, events, or even the act of asking customers to review
your business are all factors contributing to increased traffic, and a potential 3-pack ranking.
Another thing to keep in mind if a business has multiple locations is that each location and its
subsequent websites have differing rankings within the 3-pack. I would recommend using one of the
many tracking services which categorize site rankings, discerning each location standing within the 3-
pack. Generally, Google will send a postcard confirming a business’s Google listing and potential 3-pack
inclusion, otherwise, ranking remains very hard to track.

Through this whole process remember competition can always be studied for tips when uncertainty
arises; yet avoid fully depending on competition as a company’s core can differ greatly depending on
how various businesses differentiate from one another.

Through all this possibly the most essential component of success is a business’s constant updating of its profile and website. This is a direct signal for Google to re-index and re-evaluate a company’s position.

One of the worst things a company can do is say hey, it’s been 6 months, maybe it’s time to update.
Google is constantly looking for real, and a company needs to constantly prove it is indeed real in every
way possible.

Don Silver


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