Our talented team of creators and strategists don’t miss a beat when it comes to creating, executing and managing content. Whether it is social media, web page, blog or email content, at BoardoomPR, we believe that behind every piece published, there should be a carefully crafted and analyzed content management strategy. Our full-service public relations and communications agency specializes in creating award-winning content for clients across disparate industries and media platforms. We attribute our strong growth to our ability to transform from a traditional PR firm focused on media relations to a cutting-edge PR/digital marketing firm with top-tier social media services, learning more sophisticated ways to build client brands and reach target audiences. We have become experts in holistic content management, and we understand how important content generation is to the growth of your business.

Content management plays a vital role in helping your brand’s digital presence be successful – whether it be a law firm, financial services company, or a non-profit organization. At the core of our client work is the development and execution of a content management strategy, which is thoughtfully created and tailor-made to the planning, development, distribution, and management processes of your company’s goals. Having and utilizing the proper tools and methods to generate and deliver content will help your company get more out of your digital assets and elevate the user experience.

So how does content marketing management and execution work? From the start, our expert marketers and publicists will work with you to understand your company’s goals. What is it that you hope to achieve, and how can we best amplify that message to make your dreams a reality?  Once we nail down your objectives, we will get to work crafting content marketing and management strategies to produce desired results. Our team will develop marketing collateral specifically geared to meet your brand’s goals and needs in addition to analyzing your audiences to develop content specifically targeted to them. In addition to generating content, we will formulate strategies that will ensure the content lands where it’s supposed to. No matter how great the content is, it’s meaningless if the right eyes are not seeing it! We will ensure that all content created will reach its full potential and have the maximum possible exposure to the proper audiences across traditional, digital, and social platforms.

We will be your partners across every step of the content development, management, and execution process. BoardroomPR will be there with you from the early stages of the planning process to long after the content has been created and published. Why? Because we’ll take all the metrics and information regarding the content’s performance and run analyses to determine its performance.  We will take all the data and share the metrics with you, and how they will influence our strategy to come. We are obsessed with data-driven analytics because we want to ensure that we outperform ourselves.

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We have had a long relationship with BoardroomPR, and the agency consistently provides outstanding public relations and media results. Law firm marketing requires a special focus and the team at Boardroom understands this and delivers.

Jamie Cole
Managing Director, Weiss Serota, et al.

The “dot com” industry has been very competitive and Boardroom’s media savvy and persistence cut through the clutter and got our company featured in the national media, including the Nightly Business Report. Boardroom really delivers.

Anita Buyer
CEO, Setnor Byer Insurance & Risk

Julie and the BoardroomPR team are very skilled at delivering fabulous Media coverage nationally, locally, and in the fashion blogs and trades. We love their creativity, drive, energy and enthusiasm. We highly recommend them for publicity.

Rene Ruiz
International Fashion Designer

BoardroomPR has done a tremendous job creating and building a brand for our upscale real estate developments. There’s no one better at delivering national and international press – and creating and executing themed events that draw top luxury brokers and targeted buyers to our projects.

Neil Fairman
President, The Plaza Group

“BoardroomPR has been an invaluable partner in helping the Family Resource Center fund-raise, friend-raise and become better known in the community. Their team applied its considerable skill and creativity to help raise awareness using a multi-media approach and ultimately helped us develop contacts in the community.”

Oren Wunderman Ph.D
Executive Director, Family Resource Center

Social Media

It is no secret that social media has continued to prove itself to be a marketing and communications powerhouse. It is a great tool for companies to use to leverage their online presence and engage with customers. With such a wide variety of social platforms, it is key to understanding which platforms are best suited for your company’s use. At BoardroomPR, we will help identify which platforms are most beneficial for your brand to be active on and create content geared towards those platforms. We will create accounts for you across a curated group of social media platforms - LinkedIn, Facebook, SnapChat, TikTok, Instagram, etc. - and do all the heavy lifting for you! We will create content calendars for  you that will include beautiful photographs and captions to catch your audience's attention, which we will build and grow on your behalf. Once your carefully curated content has gone live, we will manage it from start to finish by monitoring performance analytics along with online conversations and activity. It’s time for your company to join the digital conversation!

Search Engine Optimization

For your web page to produce the desired results, it needs to land in front of your target audience. Researching keywords and strategically optimizing your website helps increase the likelihood that content will land in front of the right people. Our team of SEO experts will research keywords to best optimize your web pages to have the biggest impact possible. This is the best way to ensure that you content is seen by the right people, and that it’s seen before your competitors. We want you to be the answer to what your audience is searching for.

Brand kits and guidelines, search engine optimization and social media management are among the many ways to manage content. By strategically creating content and distribution strategies, we can personalize your digital assets to align with your customers desired experience and also create consistency throughout the customer journey, resulting in the best outcomes for your brand.


Storytelling is at the core of what we will do across all content marketing. We want to tell your audience a story of who your company is, what your mission is , and celebrate your successes as you reach your goals. We will work with you to define the voice of your brand and to create compelling content that hooks your audience in. It’s not enough to simply post content, we want to inspire and delight everyone who comes across your website or social media profiles with information that resonates with them, and is also in alignment with your company’s story and values. Your wins, your lessons learned, your employees, your events, and your milestones are all a part of the story and we want to help you shape and share it!

So, what are you waiting for! Reach out to us to inquire about putting together a robust, effective, and compelling content marketing strategy for your business. It’s a guaranteed way for you to amplify your message and to do so among the right people.  Engagement has never been more important, and it’s time to join the content creation conversation!