Sometimes bad things happen to good companies and executives. At BoardroomPR, our Florida Crisis Management team is prepared to mitigate and control damage to reputations and help clients rebuild tarnished images. We also work with clients to help avoid such situations.

At BoardroomPR, we have one of Florida’s top crisis communications and management practices, serving large corporations, entrepreneurs, not-for-profits, attorneys, lobbyists, and public sector entities. We respond to critical, bet-the-ranch matters such as investigations, lawsuits, land-use matters, natural and man-made disasters, environmental situations, crime, accidents, public health emergencies, bid disputes, and allegations of wrongdoing. On average, we handle more than three dozen crises a year.

What is Crisis Management?

One day, you may find yourself or you’re in the middle of a crisis in Florida that could stain your reputation in the short or long term. Whether your crisis is self-inflicted, or you were unwittingly thrust into a situation that was out of your control, the damage must be dealt with. If you do not respond in a timely, thoughtful manner, this crisis could even put you out of business for good.

You have invested a lot of time and money to build your good name. Don’t let one bad incident undo all of that good. When you face a “bet the ranch” situation, turn to the BoardroomPR crisis management pros to help you through it.

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No strategist can prevent all crises, but the right crisis management firm can help control the fallout. Let BoardroomPR be your partner in crisis management. Give us a call today at 954-370-8999 / 954-629-7523 or email Don Silver or Todd Templin. We are available 24/7 to help manage or avert a crisis.

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Boardroom Communications has been a great friend to Legal Aid. Their PR work, event sponsorship, Executive Council participation and  business introductions have helped us tremendously. No question, Don and Julie Silver Talenfeld and their staff are first rate!

Anthony Karrat
Executive Director, Legal Aid Services of Broward County

“BoardroomPR has been an invaluable partner in helping the Family Resource Center fund-raise, friend-raise and become better known in the community. Their team applied its considerable skill and creativity to help raise awareness using a multi-media approach and ultimately helped us develop contacts in the community.”

Oren Wunderman Ph.D
Executive Director, Family Resource Center

Their team is aggressive, smart and results-driven. They deliver media coverage from CNBC to the front pages of the Wall Street Journal. Julie and her team’s energy and enthusiasm to do a great job is unmatched! I highly recommend BoardroomPR!

Steven Fischler
President, SRF Ventures

We have seen terrific results through our partnership with BoardroomPR and their corporate culture has made it amazingly easy for every member of our team to engage them. BoardroomPR has put the “personal results” back in public relations.

Peter Dyga
President & CEO Associated Builders and Contractors

The Boardroom team is responsive, insightful, creative, and has a comprehensive knowledge of the RE industry. They have successfully promoted the Encore brand as well as high-profile projects, including Paramount Ft. Lauderdale Beach and Plantation Walk.  They work well with our team and do whatever it takes to get the job done.

Art Falcone
CEO & Managing Principal, Encore Capital Management

see our work.

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What Constitutes a Crisis?

It’s not a matter of IF, but a matter of WHEN you or your company will face a situation that results in negative publicity. You need to have a plan that addresses the media, social media, your employees, customers/clients and other stakeholders. News today travels faster than it ever has before, especially through social media. Most of the time, you can assess your vulnerabilities in a crisis situation and plan for it accordingly. Here are some examples of the types of matters our South Florida Crisis Management Team assists with on a regular basis:


Types of Crises in Florida

Accident/Incident Crisis Management

A communications response to an accident, also known as incident management, depends on the nature and degree of what occurred. An overturned truck on the Florida Turnpike in which injuries and damage are slight should be treated much differently from a factory explosion.

BoardroomPR coordinates its crisis communication with the emergency response team. The truck accident may require only a brief statement to the news media that has been prepared in response to any type of vehicle collision. Only affected employees are alerted to what has happened.

A surprise event on a larger scale requires a greater, sustained effort. Not only must the news media be informed, but so must other audiences – employees, government officials, company owners and everyone who does business with the company.

An incident crisis can last days or weeks if repairs are quick, complete and no one was harmed. It can decades as BP experienced due to the cleanup, criminal, civil and regulatory investigations and image repair related to 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill.

The effect on a brand is in direct proportion to the magnitude of the accident and the degree to which the organization is blamed. BP was considered the culprit even though the company leased but did not own, the oil rig that spilled millions of gallons into the Gulf of Mexico creating the worst marine disaster in history. BoardroomPR executives study the public relations responses of companies facing difficult times and apply the lessons learned to their clients’ situations.


Bid Dispute Crisis Management

Bid disputes rarely capture national news attention. When they do, large sums and famous names are usually involved. Case in point: The U.S. Dept. of Defense canceled a $10 billion contract with Microsoft in 2021 after Amazon launched an aggressive challenge. The legal battle had begun in 2019 and included allegations that elected officials had influenced the decision.

A more likely crisis communication scenario is a lawsuit filed by a contractor in Perrysburg, Ohio when the city council awarded a $205,455 contract to a rival that put in a higher bid to renovate a fire department station.

The company that loses a bid can use public relations tools such as press releases, press conferences and social media to drive home that it is the victim. The company that raises the dispute must have a crisis communication plan beforehand when it appears that it might not be awarded the contract. The winning bidder must also have a plan when it seems likely that the loser will contest the decision in court.

The crisis communications experts at BoardroomPR have extensive experience representing Florida companies that have lost – and won – bids. They work closely with the client’s top executives, attorneys and other decision-makers on the strategy and messaging that pushes the narrative that the company wants to be known to those who can influence whether the bid will be overturned.


Civil lawsuit Crisis Communication

In practice, only 2% of civil lawsuits go to trial. But the person or organization sued can still face public humiliation or vilification from the lawsuit itself, even if no damages are paid or the terms of the settlement is never made public.

The crisis begins the moment the lawsuit is discovered in court records or shared with the news media. The defendant should retain experienced crisis communication executives who will conduct a reputation management assessment and quickly draft a first response. Using sophisticated techniques such as social media monitoring, they will recommend a plan of action that sends essential messaging to the news media and stakeholders such as employees, customers, vendors and corporate allies.

The fallout from a civil lawsuit can be swift and unexpected. The plaintiff’s strategy may be more to score points in the court of public relations than before a judge or jury. The defendant must react appropriately. Name-calling may be an effective public relations tactic for the plaintiff but inappropriate for the defendant.

BoardroomPR has managed public responses for Florida clients that are being called by the news media, employees and other stakeholders who are asking questions. They guide companies faced with the dilemma of how to balance answers to allegations in court and in public.


Crisis Communication stemming from Criminal, Civil and Regulatory Investigations

Law enforcement and public officials often take action after an incident, whether it be allegations of illegal action in a civil lawsuit, publication of a media investigation, or a leaks from a government investigation. When the news headlines are explosive, they can be destructive to an organization’s reputation. A loss of public trust can be fatal to nonprofits and many businesses.

As with civil lawsuits, the accusations can be more damaging than the facts. The news headlines and social media chatter may be riddled with errors, but because of their initial impact an organization’s image can be permanently harmed. Only quick action with the help of an experienced Florida public relations agency such as BoardroomPR can mitigate the damage.


Employment Matters Can Cause Public Relations Crises

Here’s a partial list of companies whose CEO had to resign because of allegations of inappropriate behavior with employees:

  • American Apparel

  • Best Buy

  • Boeing

  • Hewlett-Packard

  • Highmark

  • Intel

  • McDonald’s

  • Priceline

  • Starwood Hotels

  • Stryker

Will your company join the list? Even if that is highly unlikely, employee allegations of sexual harassment, discrimination, wage-hour pay, classification, wrongful discharge, defamation and other claims can precipitate a communication crisis. An organization’s reputation can suffer unless an immediate, measured public relations response is crafted and executed.

Much will depend on the nature of the allegations and their breadth. If one worker sues for unpaid overtime, the matter will likely not attract much public attention. When that person is famous or joined by thousands of other employees in a class action lawsuit, the public will take notice.

Once employment disputes enter the public arena, often the employer is at a public relations disadvantage. While a disgruntled worker can be vocal, the employer may be limited in what it can say in response. A Florida public relations executive experienced in labor law matters can navigate a company through the dangerous waters of what is often a highly sensitive matter.


Government Investigations Create Public Relations Crises

When government prosecutors open investigations into companies and their executives, it seems that their confidential actions often become news stories in prestigious news publications. Though prosecutors will have nothing to say on the record, background sources – including those within the organization being investigated – will leak the details to the news media. The result is news that can damage a company’s reputation, even if no charges are filed.

BoardroomPR has experience representing Florida organizations that have been in the sights of government investigators and prosecutors. Working with a company’s legal team, its senior executives respond to media inquiries in ways that preserve the client’s privacy and reputation.

The public relations team at BoardroomPR continuously monitors the news and social to detect and craft a response to each new report and rumor. The executives act with discretion on sensitive matters with the goal of preserving the client’s reputation.


When Land-use Matters and Project Approvals Cause Public Relations Crises

New single-family home developments, condominium buildings, malls and shopping centers can bring out the NIMBY forces. Those who cry “Not in My BackYard” at planning and zoning, city and county council, and regional development meetings can create a backlash that precipitates a land-use public relations crisis.

To avoid embarrassment and worse, rejection of a commercial or residential real estate project application, developers should consult beforehand with a public relations firm experienced in anticipating and responding to public protest.

BoardroomPR executives have counseled major real estate developers on their projects. The Florida public relations agency starts with a confidential assessment of public sentiment, outreach to potential opponents, and recommendations on how to win support from those most affected by a development.

The client receives critical information on what aspects of the project are most likely to cause a public relations crisis and how to proactively dispel objections. The BoardroomPR team reaches out to news media to ensure fair, balanced coverage and monitors social media for negative comments.

As a client’s project moves toward approval, the firm drafts and executive's announcements carefully crafted to minimize negative reaction and to place the property’s development in the best light. BoardroomPR organizes meetings with neighborhood residents, public opinion makers, and others who need to hear the client’s story. The work continues through the review process and, if needed, after final approval.


Public Relations Crises Precipitated by Media Investigations

Online and traditional news websites have made their mark by conducting investigations of government departments and agencies, public officials, and corporations. Their reports, spread widely across the web and in traditional news media have created public relations crises for those that the articles allege have engaged in illegal or questionable activities. For example, the Panama Papers, which consisted of 11.5 million leaked documents, has had worldwide impact on government leaders and major corporations.

Florida elected officials and company executives can suffer damage to their careers, including losing their jobs and becoming subject to criminal, civil and regulatory investigations. They need an experienced public relations firm to manage their public image through the crisis.

BoardroomPR has helped clients respond to news media inquiries during a media investigation and after articles have been published. As part of its service, the firm monitors social media for comments and responds as needed.


Natural Disaster Crisis Communication

Communication for a natural disaster such as a Florida hurricane requires a plan equal to that for the emergency itself. A crisis communication plan from BoardroomPR includes media alerts and press conferences to the news media regarding matters such as the organization’s plans before, during and after the storm. The playbook identifies the people who will speak to the news media and the public, the messages they will deliver, and on what communications channels such as TV and social media.

The Florida public relations agency also creates parallel communications plans for informing employees, vendors, customers and other stakeholders outlining the plans. Regular updates managed remotely or onsite make the company or government agency a trusted source of information. With the firm’s guidance, the client can turn a bad situation into an opportunity to build its reputation.


Online Reputation Management

Public opinion that can precipitate or worsen a public relations crisis can usually be found on social media. Misinformation, disinformation and malinformation spread faster than facts in posts and comments.

BoardroomPR provides clients with social media monitoring geared toward online reputation management. The firm’s public relations experts look for the bad – and the good – in what people are saying about an organization and its leaders.


Public Health Emergencies

Disease outbreaks like COVID-19, bioterrorist attacks, and catastrophic events such as widespread food-related illnesses produce sensational news stories and panic-induced chatter on social media. Regardless of the original source of the problem, they create the need for public health crisis communication.

BoardroomPR advises Florida government agencies and private corporations on how to respond to an emergency with a comprehensive, proactive communication plan. It is designed to help reduce public fears and slow the spread of misinformation. The agency’s experienced executives work side by side with the government and corporate leaders on messaging, and they manage news media inquiries while monitoring and responding to social media posts and comments.


How Can BoardroomPR Help?

Develop a crisis plan:  Crises can hit companies from any angle at any time. While it’s up to you to avoid most crises, it’s up to your crisis management firm to help control the fallout. You need to be prepared to deal with it fast and effectively as news cycles are instantaneous today. You should have a plan in place to determine what steps you need to take and when, as well as what you should say, how to say it and who should be the one to say it.

BoardroomPR’s expert team can help you sort all of that out. We can help with planning and early risk assessment, or by stepping into the middle of a full-blown crisis when you are already in damage control mode. We have a talented crisis PR team of crisis communications experts who have worked with clients of all sizes and from practically all industries for more than 25 years.

Our time-tested strategies help companies, firms and individuals respond sensibly and effectively to any situation. After all, crises rarely happen on a schedule. The organization or individual is thrust into a situation where it must deal with a sudden, significant and unpredictable negative event.

Representative Matters

View our Representative Matters webpage for a more extensive list of notable crises.

  • Handled crisis PR for a South Florida gamer who fought Guinness World Records in court to re-instate his record-setting scores on Donkey Kong and Pac-Man, and other litigation resulting in his professional player status is reinstated.

  • A West Palm Beach luxury sports car dealer was sued and accused of turning back odometers on sports cars being sold as new.  The story was covered in Automotive News, the nation’s top auto trade journal.

  • A bad merger between two national auto auction companies with dueling lawsuits and coverage by Automotive News.

  • High-profile owner of a large car dealership group arrested in West Palm Beach for allegedly raping an inebriated female employee.

  • International agribusiness company is cited in a report by the environmental foundation.

  • Bahamas recycling company investigated by the government.

  • U.S. industrial supply company discovers contraband in one of its containers at Florida port.


Hotels and Hospitality

  • Miami TV station confronted a local caterer on camera for alleged health violations cited by the state and accusations of uncleanliness by a fired employee.

  • Fort Lauderdale hotel with a leased restaurant featuring TV chef received a very negative reviews from Sun-Sentinel and chef threatened to quit.

  • A Key West eco-tour company experienced a crisis due to a drowning death on one of its dive boats.

  • A Florida Keys aquatic adventure company experiences an avalanche of negative social media posts from an upset customer on the wrong end of a customer service error.

  • A South Beach luxury hotel experienced a crisis regarding an employee lawsuit dealing with racial slurs made by a previous general manager.


Real Estate/Land Use

  • Well-known and respected high-rise condominium developer sued by historic Fort Lauderdale landmark to stop the project from being built.

  • Handled crisis PR for the general contractor of a pedestrian bridge that collapsed over a busy road outside of Florida International University.

  • Palm Beach County 55 and over community opposed a large-scale commercial development next door to their homes.

  • A Hallandale developer locks horns with local activists and the city commission in an effort to redevelop a golf course.

  • A national real estate developer becomes engulfed in a dispute with local leaders when it discovered its parcel contained an abandoned cemetery in the African American community. 

  • Billionaire developer embroiled in a dispute with a local business group over character, land use and opening hours of Wynwood businesses. 

  • A contentious legal battle ensued among partners of a multi-million-dollar redevelopment project in Plantation, Florida.

  • Well-known international asset management company battles FAA and Broward County over the value of former airport hotel condemned to extend FLL runway. 

  • Miami eminent domain dispute with FDOT overvaluation of condemned condo parcel to make room for expansion of the 836 highway.



  • Statewide insurance company accused of not paying its claims, experiences negative Yelp reviews and is investigated by a Southwest Florida television station.

  • Miami auto insurance company survived multi-piece TV investigation by award winning investigative reporter who ended up having a conflict of interest and shouldn’t have been covering the story.

  • Purchase/merger of a Florida insurance company that drew attention from newspapers and insurance trade media.

  • Large insurance company investigated by local Jacksonville television station for possible sex discrimination in its claims adjusting process.

  • Large insurance company investigated by Tampa television consumer affairs reporter on fairness of a claim made by local homeowner.



  • Hollywood charity board member is accused of self-dealing and other criminal mischiefs.

  • A national firefighters’ charity is attacked by a union and blocked from supporting burn centers and camps throughout the country.  That same charity is investigated by a Boston TV station for not properly allocating its contributions to program services.

  • CFO of a not-for-profit was investigated by local police and the media for alleged inappropriate practices at previous job.

  • A large not-for-profit in Broward County was investigated for voyeurism by a staff member.

  • A Florida church finds itself in financial distress and has to deal with parishioners and the community. 

  • Florida charter school finds itself on the wrong end of a school board investigation and lawsuit.


Banking and Financial Services

  • Hedge fund bilked out of more than a $100 million in one of the worst Ponzi schemes in Broward County history. Scheme is investigated by law enforcement, state attorney’s office and the media.

  • Multinational investment firm faced condemnation of a hotel property in conjunction with Fort Lauderdale Airport runway expansion project.

  • Florida’s largest credit union experienced multi-million-dollar loss on investments and bad loans.

  • Major international bank discovered fraud and loss of tens of millions of dollars.



  • Miami religious school investigated by DCF based on playground incident involving preschoolers.

  • Ft. Lauderdale private school experienced uprising by parents as a result of new leadership and policies, creating a damaging crisis based on threats by influential families to pull their kids.

  • Private Treasure Coast school student accused of rape while on an out-of-state field trip.  Story covered by all major news outlets. 

  • A South Florida teacher at a private school was investigated for allegations of inappropriate relationships with children under supervision at a previous job.



  • Florida-based international distributor of medical supplies encounters counterfeit product investigation.

  • Large South Florida cleaning company hit with negative audit and I.G. investigation regarding its business practices.

  • Law firm partner was sued for malpractice by former client.

  • A national online direct marketing company was investigated by the San Francisco Examiner for its business practices.


Health Care

  • Central Florida health care facility has a rash of accidents, deaths and escapes and is facing a shut down by the State of Florida.

  • Consulted with several businesses, nonprofits and government agencies impacted by the COVID 19 pandemic.  

  • Start-up pharmaceutical company accused of raising the price of a cancer-treating drug by 1,400% while at the same time the CEO was accused in a lawsuit by shareholders of salacious misdeeds and corporate malfeasance. 

  • A pediatric teenage patient, sister of an internationally known model died from an asthma attack and her doctor was blamed facing multiple TV cameras.

  • National hospital chain on the wrong end of a patient lawsuit and attorney press conference.

  • National healthcare company loses major customer and forced to do layoffs.

  • Nursing home experiences very high COVID-19 infection rate and is subject of negative article and multiple TV stories.

  • ALF sued by a former employee alleging whistleblower allegations.

  • Drug treatment center gets caught up in dragnet by Palm Beach County State’s Attorney.


Additional Crisis Services We Offer

Before any crisis occurs, BoardroomPR works with clients to help train their executives and prepare their reactions. Our media training program explains speaking points to be covered – and those to be left unsaid – in any conversation with the media, the public, or stakeholders. We train organizations on who is to speak with the media – and who is not – and when.

Today, it is essential that we deal with all of a company’s “public,” and do so via the media the public prefers. In addition to traditional media, BoardroomPR covers all of the bases, including social media, internet review sites, employees, customers and stakeholders, industry regulators and the community at large.

Whether you are looking for someone to lead your team or provide objective, strategic advice, we have the experience and savvy to be your trusted partner.


What We Do


Crisis Management Plans

Tackling a crisis without a clear course of action is a surefire way to end up in even hotter water. As soon as news of a crisis breaks, regardless of who may be at fault, it’s time to put a plan into action. As trusted Florida crisis management experts with more than three decades of experience, we will work hand-in-hand with you to get ahead of any potentially damaging situation and steer the message to your benefit.

Drawing on our successful track record of guiding clients through all types of challenges, from business disputes and contentious lawsuits to public defamation, we will craft a detailed, multifaceted plan to quell negative exposure, disseminate key information, and reach the right audience. Tailored to your individual needs, a good crisis management plan will detail who can speak, what may be said, who will lead the effort — whether from your staff or a member of our firm — and what tools will be used.

Developing Policies and Procedures

How should members of your team respond to media requests? And how can you ensure consistent messaging while addressing a crisis? When you are facing negative press, establishing clear policies and procedures is essential to avoid any missteps. To make the right choices, you need the right guidance from a partner who’s adept at managing delicate situations.

BoardroomPR’s highly experienced Florida public relations team understands the importance of integrating the right strategies to attain positive publicity and memorable messaging. Our team of communications experts have advised clients of all types on crisis management policies and procedures, including large corporations with PR/marketing departments, small and medium companies, nonprofits, entrepreneurs, real estate developers, attorneys, lobbyists and individuals. Combining our decades of experience with best practices and your crisis situation’s unique needs, we will guide you in developing the policies and procedures necessary to ensure all parties are on the same page and prevent further or future damage.


Strategic Consultation and Crisis Planning

When a crisis hits, you need to be prepared to deal with it fast and effectively. Every element of a good crisis management plan, from message development to social media response, should be guided by an intelligent overarching strategy. Your success in managing the many moving parts of a crisis response is a direct result of smart strategizing and a thoroughly hammered-out plan.

BoardroomPR can help from the very beginning with crisis planning and early risk assessment. When you or your organization is thrust into a crisis situation where you must deal with a sudden, significant and unpredictable negative event, we dispatch our senior executives to provide counsel. Our expert crisis management consulting services can be tailored to ensure clients of all industries respond sensibly and effectively to the worst situations, including banking and finance, residential and commercial real estate, construction, education, healthcare, hospitality, legal, nonprofit and technology.


Message Development

A simple turn of phrase can make all the difference between turning around a difficult situation and digging yourself an even deeper hole. As strategic communications pros, we will work with you to create an ideal communications strategy for every audience and platform. In taking the time to craft a well-considered message with our expert guidance, you’ll be able to handle media questions with a calculated response rather than an off-the-cuff reaction that could make matters worse.

Our approach to message development is centered on preparation and consistent, straightforward answers. A crisis situation is not the time to rely on “no comment” or dodge calls from reporters. Tapping into our decades of expertise as leading crisis management and strategic communications firm, we will create a comprehensive approach to your messaging encompassing your mission statement, when and how to apologize if warranted, responses to anticipated tough questions and any prepared statements and news releases. We will also help your senior executives and spokespersons prepare and deliver speaking points for conversations with the media, the public, or stakeholders.


Media Outreach

Leveraging personal connections can make all the difference in any situation, and garnering media coverage is no exception. There’s no need to cold call or navigate media relations on your own: As one of the top South Florida public relations firms, BoardroomPR has the contacts and insider knowledge needed to effectively and efficiently gain the right exposure for your story. Our communications pros have well-established relationships with all areas of local South Florida media, including journalists writing for newspapers, magazines, trade publications and websites; news directors; assignment editors; TV and radio reporters; and special project and segment producers. We also work with national media on a daily basis, and have successfully gained coverage for our clients in major national outlets including Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, CNN, Univision, and NBC’s Nightly News with Lester Holt.

Connecting you with the right people is just the tip of the iceberg. As your expert media relations team, we will work with you to draft press releases and media statements, target the right outlets, arrange press conferences when needed, coordinate interviews with key reporters, and address any follow-up questions or additional media requests. And if any issues arise within media coverage, we will advocate on your behalf to correct the record and ensure your story is properly reported.


Media Training

Whether you’re a seasoned pro at media interviews or are facing publicity for the first time, anyone in the public eye can benefit from media training. This is especially the case when you’re in the midst of navigating a crisis, when a “wrong” answer can make a bad situation even worse. Any organization can benefit from media training, whether you’re preparing for a potential crisis or in the midst of one.

Our media veterans, many of which are former journalists and TV news pros, will coach you on who within your organization should speak with the media, who should not, and how to gauge the ideal time for outreach and response. Selected spokespeople within your company will be thoroughly trained on how to talk to reporters and the public on camera, at press conferences, and in one-on-one situations. They will be well prepared for tough interviews and opportunities for positive media exposure. We also do the advance work with reporters and editors to minimize the possibility of any surprises.


Online Reputation Management

When seeking information on a new or newsworthy topic, what’s the first thing most people do? They Google it. And the first results of any search can make or break your reputation. As a full-service marketing communications agency with a high-level social media, digital PR and multimedia department, Boardroom PR will use every tool in its arsenal to ensure you’re always putting your best foot forward in the online world.

Our seasoned digital, SEO and social media pros regularly oversee ORM for many of our clients. By managing your online reputation, we know how to protect you and your company, handling every situation uniquely to provide a positive resolution to any disputes and a maintained reputation for your organization. Our online reputation management services include review site, directory, portal, social media, and traditional media monitoring. In the event a business or individual receives a negative review, damaging online comments or disparaging news stories, our professionals jump right in to help minimize the damage, turn a negative into a positive or place positive posts and stories to displace negative ones on search engines.


Social Media Management

Even if your story is on the front page of the local newspaper and a leading segment on the evening news, you’re missing out on a key channel if you’re not staying on top of what’s being said on social media. Social media is like the childhood game Telephone on steroids: misinformation can go viral in a matter of minutes. And for some, social media may be their only source of information. To stay on top of the rapid-fire online banter, responsive and strategic social media management is a must.

Our expert social media team will craft an individualized strategic social media plan complemented by in-depth analytics to help your business reach qualified target audiences, understand their behavior, receive a return on investment and mitigate any damaging or negative content. We will help you tailor your message and content for all appropriate social media channels, including your corporate blog and Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube accounts.


Press Conferences

When it comes to crafting a specific message to benefit your credibility, image and brand, there’s nothing like a press conference to help you accurately guide the narrative. If you’re facing bad press, a well-executed news conference can quickly separate fact from fiction, ensuring that your message is consistently and accurately communicated to the public. While interviews and meetings with individual media outlets are key components in shaping public perception, a press conference can be an invaluable tool when navigating a time-sensitive, newsworthy crisis situation of interest to a broad swath of local, regional or national media, including print, broadcast and online outlets.

Many instances of conducting damage control can be measurably strengthened by holding a skillfully planned press conference, such as a lawsuit where the record needs to be set straight, an investigation, indictment, business dispute, allegations of criminal activities or misconduct, responses to controversies involving your company, key executives or products, safety issues, employees or unions and major incidents with injuries or fatalities or crime. If it’s determined that holding a news conference is in you or your company’s best interests, we will manage all aspects of its execution, from determining who will speak and what media outlets will be informed to the wording of any statements and how media questions will be handled. All decisions will be informed by your individually crafted crisis management plan, policies and messaging.


Collateral Material Development

BoardroomPR has a highly experienced team of accomplished writers and professional graphic design services for your advertisements, brochures, direct mail, fact sheets, Myths & Facts sheets, infographics, marketing decks, email blasts and any other collateral material needs. We also offer high-quality in-house video production and multimedia campaign services and can assist you with ghostwriting and copywriting for statements and response letters, FAQ, blog posts, website information and social media.

Expertly developed collateral and branding can be especially beneficial in light of a Florida crisis. A well-designed brochure or marketing deck can shape public perception, enabling you to spotlight key points and dispel misinformation. A direct mail campaign can clear hurdles to reach a target audience with compelling, to-the-point messaging. When appropriate, a ghostwritten letter from a company owner or executive drafted on branded stationery can help mend fences more effectively than a blanket corporate statement.


Website Design

At BoardroomPR, we know what makes a great website. Your website should reinforce your brand, promote your image, and provide user-friendly formatting catered to your audience. Essential aspects of your website that should be kept in mind include keywords, clear and informative heading tags, internal links, clear formatting and engaging visuals. Including multimedia is also an ideal way to capture attention: video in particular can get across the most information with the smallest amount of time and effort needed from the viewer.

Maintaining a professionally designed, visually appealing, easy-to-navigate website is particularly key when you’re in the midst of crisis management. The appearance of your online presence can go a long way toward impacting public perception. Placing key messaging and content front and center on your website can help dispel misinformation, enhance perceived transparency or trustworthiness and tell your side of the story without relying on outside coverage. Other considerations to help boost your company’s image include an easy-to-find “Contact Us” landing page, reviews from happy customers and engaging multimedia that incorporates video of team members to inject any controversial topic with a human element.


Call Us Today 

No strategist can prevent all crises, but the right crisis management firm can help control the fallout. Let BoardroomPR be your partner in crisis management. Give us a call today at 954-370-8999 / 954-629-7523 or email Don Silver or Todd Templin . We are available 24/7 to help manage or avert a crisis.