Orlando Public Relations Firm.

Orlando Public Relations Firm

Orlando, Florida, is the fourth-largest city in Florida with a population of more than 260,000. It is home to thrilling theme parks, vibrant nightlife and endless fun. But beyond the thrills and attractions is a thriving business community conditioned for success. In this competitive landscape, effective communication is the launchpad to achieving your goals.

At BoardroomPR, we are your trusted partners in navigating the communication scene. We offer a multitude of services designed to build your brand, connect with your target audience and propel your business to new heights.

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BoardroomPR Customized Public Relations Services and Marketing Solutions for Clients

Services provided:

  • Media Relations: share news and information with top local and national newspapers, magazines, television, radio, and Web-based organizations
  • Writing Services: including website copy, PowerPoint presentations, internal and external communications.
  • Industry Relations: assist in building relationships with business and professional associations, and with targeted companies and managing Social Media campaigns
  • Social Media: Developing LinkedIn profiles and Twitter accounts, and Facebook and Instagram pages.
  • Crisis Management: Defusing or minimizing possible negative feedback in a crisis situation, reputation management.
  • Graphic Design: Creating corporate identity materials, including logo design, brochure writing, design and printing
  • Direct Mail: Designing, writing, and managing the distribution of direct mail, e-blasts, e-newsletters, and constant contact.
  • Traditional Advertising: establishing a platform for branding, storytelling and engagement
  • Online Marketing Services: website development and management; blog development and management; search engine optimization (SEO); online reputation management; and search engine marketing (SEM)
  • Digital Services: Video scriptwriting, production, and editing

Orlando Public Relations Firm – BoardroomPR

orlando public relations firm

Public Relations is the professional maintenance of a favorable public image of a company, organization, or group of branded products. Today, consumers and business customers are short on time and skeptical towards brands due to a flood hype and push marketing that may diminish their interest. They are looking to craft strategic communications that resonate with audiences and build lasting relationships. Successful public relations campaigns are not trendy, cliché, or create instant fame or fortune; they focus on delivering consistency, authenticity, product quality, and professionalism that rises above their peer competitors.

At BoardroomPR, we understand that a business’s most valuable asset is its reputation with those who make the purchase decisions within its target market. Caring for a business’s reputation requires a substantial commitment by a team of professional PR experts who have proven skills, industry experience, and a deep understanding of your best customers and clients. Come rain or shine, professional public relations campaigns are unwavering, genuine, and strive for constant improvement. When the chips are down a Orlando Crisis Management PR campaign can breathe life into an ailing business and restore confidence within the company and with its most valued customers and the community it serves.

Earned Media

Orlando Earned Medida

Earned media is a strategic communications approach that allows a business or product to receive favorable awareness, recognition, and approval from an authoritative media source such as; local or network television, radio, newspapers or industry trade publications. It is a valuable asset for any business to build trust, increase brand awareness and drive positive outcomes. Earned media cannot be bought it can only be gained through establishing a trusting relationship with a content creator and influencing the narrative of a news story that often incorporates a client’s services or products into an interesting opportunity or a solution to an important problem or concern.

Establishing earned media credibility on television or other high authority media platforms can take years to develop and is only achieved by public relations professionals who have cultivated long-term, trusted relationships with writers, producers and editors. A successful earned media PR professional understands the content creator process and can supply factual data to give the news content relevance and credibility. Oftentimes, content creators are on short and strict production and publication deadlines. BoardroomPR’s Central FL earned media specialists have nurtured valuable relationships with local and national media sources and understand how to tell a concise and powerful story within the most demanding of deadlines.

Orlando Media Sources

WFTV Channel 9

  • 490 E South St, Orlando, FL, 32801
  • 407-841-9000
  • https://www.wftv.com/

WESH Channel 2

  • 1021 N. Wymore Rd, Winter Park, FL 32789
  • 407-645-2222
  • https://www.wesh.com/

Orlando Sentinel

  • 633 N Orange Ave, Orlando, FL, 32802
  • 407-420-5000
  • https://www.orlandosentinel.com/

WKMG-TV Channel 6

  • 4446 N. John Young Pwky, Orlando, FL 32804
  • 407-521-1233
  • https://www.clickorlando.com/

WRBW Fox 35

  • 35 skyline Dr., Lake Mary, FL 32746
  • 407-644-3535
  • https://www.fox35orlando.com/fox35plus

Orlando Local Organizations & Places of Interest

East Orlando Chamber of Commerce

  • 12301 Lake Underhill Rd, Suite 425, Orlando, FL 32828

Orlando International Airport

  • 1 Jeff Fuqua Blvd, Orlando, FL 32827
  • 407-825-2001
  • https://orlandoairports.net/

Orange County Court House

  • 425 N Orange Ave, Orlando, FL 32801
  • 407-836-2050
  • https://ninthcircuit.org/

Orlando Public Library

  • 101 E Central Blvd, Orlando, FL 32801
  • (407)-835-7323
  • https://ocls.info/

Orlando Economic Development

  • 400 S Orange Ave #6, Orlando, FL 32801
  • (407)-246-2821
  • https://orlando.org/

Orlando Public Relations Crisis Management

orlando crisis management agency

Public Relations Crisis Management is the task of creating a business plan that can be implemented quickly, efficiently and effectively in dealing with a serious event or news story facing a company or organization. A business crisis cannot be predicted or fully assessed by those who are in the midst of the issue. When a crisis strikes, a meticulously crafted plan provides the next steps in confronting the problem directly.

BoardroomPR’s Orlando Crisis Management team can immediately evaluate your business crisis from a number of perspectives. Current and future clients, investors, stakeholders and employees all can be severely affected by a crisis and no two crisis situations are alike. A thoughtful custom long-term solution must be implemented swiftly to protect your business’s reputation. Many times, a PR crisis requires a timely and professional response to a media outlet to give another voice on a contentious issue. We also have relationships with top local law firms that can provide critical legal advice and prevent bad situations from turning worse.

If you are facing a PR crisis, we urge you to seek professional counsel ASAP by those who can identify and address all the risks and challenges you may be facing.

Orlando Brand Management

orlando brand management

Branding has been a strategy to give owners, competitors, and consumers a quick way to identify the origin or ownership of a product or resource since pre-historic times. The practice first began in the fertile crescent area of the Middle East at the dawn of civilization over 5,000 years ago, marking the transition from hunter-gatherers to farming and the raising of livestock with the “branding” of animals. Throughout human history the practice has remained constant; from the signing of old master paintings in the Renaissance to the insignia placed on goods intended for trade. Branding gave all interested parties benefits beyond the product itself, as it provided a method for a favorable reputation to be established which made the purchasing process faster and more efficient.

Fast forward to today, the same benefits of effective brand management and marketing remain. A product or service that has a reputation of quality does not constantly have to “prove” its legitimacy in the marketplace, it’s already accepted. In a crowded and hyper-competitive marketplace, it’s impossible to sustainably grow in scale and revenues without accompanying growth in brand awareness and the perceived value that the respective brand represents.

For over 30 years, BoardroomPR has been committed to building and overseeing branding strategies for Orlando businesses (and beyond). A brand’s identity is closely linked to the values and professional practices of the people who created the business, thus our brand development process is extremely personalized and customized for each business or organization. At the heart of successful branding is the establishment of genuine trust in the viability of a product or service. BoardroomPR’s team of branding specialists has achieved award-winning accolades from the Florida marketing community but even more significant has been the success stories of our clients in the role we have played in their growth from nascent startup to industry-leading powerhouse.

To achieve success in brand development BoardroomPR uses a vast array of tools and strategies including:

  • Identification of business competitive advantages and niche products/services
  • Brand mission statement and brand best-practice planning
  • Logo and tagline creation
  • Graphic design
  • Website development
  • Social Media branding
  • Ad campaign creation and management
  • Media targeting and buying
  • Stationery packages
  • Brochure design and writing
  • Direct mail campaigns and trade show support
  • Custom implementation and integration of brand management campaigns across all media platforms. (analog and digital).

Multi-Media Production

YouTube Video’s and Podcasting

orlando multimedia services

Advancements in cost savings technology and countless social media platforms such as Youtube and podcasting platforms including iTunes and Spotify offering mass-market access to nearly everyone.  While having affordable access to publish an unlimited amount of audio and video content is a remarkable opportunity, it’s not without its challenges. The level of competition to reach your target audience has never been fiercer. Today’s audiences are more demanding than ever before. They want to be informed and educated without the sales hype. They need to know who you are and what makes you and your products and services valuable. The good news is that those who have the best content to share usually have a large influence in the market. Successful communicators who are authentic and transparent that genuinely embrace their audience’s needs and interests can create fans and loyal customers and referral sources that can last a career.  In the past, the process required capital to buy airtime and a fortune in high-tech equipment. Today, the investment is more about your time and energy to create engaging and relevant content that your audience will continue to crave.

BoardroomPR is expert in communications with many of our staff members have decades of broadcast TV experience. We understand how to tell a compelling story and guide you through the process and develop your talent to become a leader in video and audio podcasting within your niche expertise. We have a crew of creators, producers, and videographers in Orlando that can get the job done right within a modest time and expense budget. It’s not a process for busy professionals who have time constraints, to go it alone. Call BoardroomPR today and learn how we can partner with you to create your own successful video or podcasting channel.  We also can have our crew narrate and capture your events for distribution to your website, blog and social media profiles such as; Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Press Conference PR Services in Orlando

orlando press conference services

When a business, institution, or civic organization has important new information to present to the public and media, conducting a well-executed press conference can be a powerful tool to voice your message directly to the public and media. During a press conference, one or more speakers may make a statement, which is often followed by questions from reporters or journalists. Crafting your communications message and procedures during your press conference requires a considerable amount of preparation and analysis. Being prepared and practicing your delivery is critical because you usually have only one chance to get your message to your audience. Your message needs to be complete, accurate, and well-articulated. Oftentimes press events also include preparation of press kit handout materials or special live casting to a website or news pages publications to a blog. For media outlets not attending the event Press Releases are distributed to all interested news agencies through wire services or internet-based PR websites.

The purpose of a press conference may be when there is very good news disclosed such as a merger, acquisition or important product development. Alternatively, a press conference may also be called for public relations damage control. If your organization is facing the bad press, a news conference can set the facts straight and give a path to resolution without endless media speculation or social media gossip. A well-constructed press conference can be a critical time in your business to enhance or protect your reputation.

Contact the Orlando Press Conference advisors with BoardroomPR for a confidential consultation.

Orlando Search Engine Optimization

orlando seo services

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of increasing the visibility of a website’s rankings by search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo when an appropriate keyword phrase is entered into a search query. We specialize in “organic” search engine optimization which does not involve paying for placement or traffic (i.e. Search Engine Marketing or Pay Per Click).

The SEO process is like climbing the search engine ladder, conducted by a thorough understanding of the algorithmic conditions that the search engine utilizes in determining search results rankings and then using that knowledge to construct a Search Engine Optimization Campaign. The process starts with identifying the most favorable keywords phrases that generate the greatest revenues and website traffic for the niche business that the website provides. The higher a website ranks in the results for a relevant search, the more likely it is to be visited. The more likely it is to be visited, the more success for your business. The increase in qualified traffic will typically generate more conversions (sales, leads, etc.) for a website.

Structuring your website for SEO purposes involves writing lengthy and user-friendly content for the website that is organized into keyword-focused pages that flow from large content categories of products and services into subcategories based on keywords. The SEO process is then implemented by formatting the “on page” formatting of URL strings, page names, descriptions, and supporting H1 and image tags. Additional coding may include using schema markup techniques to create unique displaying content when keyword results are produced by search engines.

Creating an SEO Campaign should be the first step taken before creating a new website. It should be an integral part of the design process. Boardroom has a web development team that works side by side with our SEO professionals to make sure every website we build is search engine friendly.  BoardroomPR takes a multi-faceted approach to search engine optimization which includes customizing a plan for each client. This typically involves the research and identification of the best converting keyword phrases, creation of search engine friendly text, and finally any off-page optimization (quality link building) strategies that boost the authority of the website with search engines.  Monthly Search Engine Optimization reports closely track search keyword phrases rankings over time to give clients the website traffic and results they expect and deserve. To consult with a Orlando Search Engine Optimization Analyst contact BoardroomPR today at (407)-973-8555


Orlando Social Media Marketing

orlando social media agency

One of BoardroomPR’s biggest goals as a leader Orlando PR firm is to focus on social media for its clientele. Regardless of the industry you are in, social media campaigns can play an important role in generating positive awareness for your business. Social media campaigns offer an opportunity to engage with your audience. It allows businesses to share the full transparency of their brand’s message. Although social media campaigns can be implemented at a modest cost these campaigns require a large amount of time and energy to properly execute.  From setting up fully branded accounts with leading social media outlets to regularly updating content, this is one job we’re happy to tackle for you.

No business is too large or too small to benefit from blogging and participating in social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Social media offers a unique opportunity to interact with your potential client base on a one-on-one basis as more people are drawn to companies that are willing to have a conversation with them even before they become customers. This intimate approach can turn potential customers into devoted followers.

Social Media Marketing Platforms:

  • Facebook is a social networking site that allows you to create a page dedicated to your business. It is complete with your contact information, branding, and the ability to offer special deals and coupons to those who “like” your page. The ability to “boost post” a Facebook message can be one of the best techniques to reach a target market.  The cost is a fraction of Search Engine Marketing pay per click rates and the messaging can be robust and include a photo or even video of your products and services. Targeting your audience can even be achieved by the deep analytics of interest identified by Facebook.  Get a free consult from a BoardroomPR – Orlando Social Media Marketing Consultant by calling our office today.
  • Twitter allows you to share messages no longer than 280 characters with your list of followers. It is a great way to share updates, information, and links, as well as to have an ongoing dialogue with your followers.
  • YouTube has long been known as a place to watch entertaining videos, but it is also emerging as a great place for professionals to share their expertise. Most consumers before they decide on a purchase decision want to learn more about a product or service. Creating a number of professional videos can establish you as an expert in your field. Your viewers will know and like you even before you meet them, it advances the sales process because your authority and credibility have long been established. But creating quality YouTube videos requires content creation skills and video production and editing expertise; this is where the BoardroomPR Central Fl Youtube Creation Service team can help. Our video expertise is your opportunity to shine.