Here at BoardroomPR, we believe in creating a fun and vibrant work environment for our awesome employees. Our signature colors, royal blue and hot pink, certainly make our office POP and reflect the Boardroom team’s electric personalities.

Our lobby is equipped with a comfy blue couch with a charging station for our guests. Our stunning wall paintings were all hand-selected by BoardroomPR President Julie Talenfeld.

Our office also includes a film studio where we are able to shoot videos and photos for our clients to use for social media and other media outlets. Every team member has their own spacious cubicle with dual-screen monitors and personalized decor. And of course, no office is complete without hula-hoops and medicine balls to keep the energy flowing!

BoardroomPR values teamwork so creating a warm and comfortable atmosphere allows for better communicating, room for creativity and fantastic results for our clients.

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