BoardroomPR President Julie Talenfeld mixes her networking knowledge with her social media expertise in this Lifestyle Magazine article about turning Facebook fans into clients and customers. Take a look:

You Have 5,000 Facebook ‘Likes’ – What Now? Turn Fans into Clients & Customers

Imagine you’re developing a luxury condominium, run a clothing boutique, are a lawyer in a growing practice, or you’re a network marketer selling a skin-care line – and you’ve built a Facebook page with thousands of “likes” or a Twitter feed with thousands of followers.

Congratulations! Now what?

Countless companies have social media accounts that have amassed hundreds, even thousands of fans, followers, friends, and likes. The question is, how can they capitalize on that audience?

Think if yourself as a publisher – and your followers are your subscribers. Not unlike the local newspaper or even this magazine you’re reading, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media services are publications that reach an audience of subscribers eager for your content.

Now, nurture that relationship. Sure, you want them to buy your product or service. But you first want them to come to rely on you as a trusted resource about your industry, the community, and their connection with your brand.

In that way, “content” can be almost anything relevant to your company, product, community and especially your subscribers’ lives.

Whether handling it yourself, or turning to a social media marketing firm specialized in turning fans into customers, consider posting:

1.  Community news. Don’t just “sell” to your subscribers. Become a source of trusted news and information important enough for them to read – and share on their own social media. If you’re an attorney, post links to articles you’ve read that are relevant to your practice area. If you’re a Realtor, post reports about your neighborhood schools or home sales.

2.  Conversation starters. Social media isn’t really like a newspaper or this magazine – a one-way street where you write and subscribers read. Your Facebook or Twitter accounts are two-way avenues that give you a unique opportunity to “engage” with your audience. Ask questions relevant to your product or practice. When people respond, reply in kind. Keep the conversation going.

3.  Product updates, promotions or sales. Of course, don’t miss the chance to toot your own horn. If you’re a luxury real estate developer, share relevant news about major milestones, such as pouring the foundation, topping off the building, or reaching sales goals. Retailers can share news of holiday specials or new product offerings.

Once you have thousands, even hundreds, of likes, fans or followers, stay relevant in their lives. Become an indispensable resource for them, and you’ll see your subscribers grow – along with your business.

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