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boardroomPR’s social media manager, Ashley Kearns, was featured in AgentAdvice.com in an article titled “8 Social Media Marketing Tips for Real Estate Agents.” Here, top agents and marketing pros throughout the real estate industry share their best tips to help agents and brokers grow a following and client list using social media.

Featured as #8, Ashley gave this tip about social media marketing

“your target audience’s experience with you begins before they step inside your office or pick up the phone. By interacting with your audience, you’re able to build relationships, credibility, and trust, which in turn, organically generates a quality following on your account, and you’ll increase your chances of getting their business as a result.”

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Ashley leads the firm’s social media team in deliberate planning and goal setting, identifying target audience, brand development, engagement and conversion strategy, and measuring and analyzing ROI. Need help implementing a new social media strategy?  Our team of social media experts at BoardroomPR can help!  Contact us today to learn more.

Ashley Kearns

Social Media Manager

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