This coming Sunday, we’ll move our clocks up an hour to “spring forward.” This means longer days, brighter nights and for some, allergy meds. At BoardroomPR, we encourage you and your staff to use the momentum of daylight savings to kick into high gear and achieve your goals. Here are five quick tips to get you started:

1.) Even though it’s time to “spring forward,” start off Daylight Savings with a good ol’ look back. Take a beat to reexamine your annual goals, to-do lists and current progress. Ask yourself if these are all still important, or if they need to be subbed out in favor of more pertinent action items.

2.) Consider early evening activities with your team as we go into spring. Maybe a staff picnic over the sunset or a day trip to the beach!

3.) Make the most of the your mornings – that extra hour of sleep you lose will only sting if you keep on letting it! The brighter A.M.s will make you feel more alert and awake, if you work them to your advantage.

4.) Now is the perfect time to put some spring in your step. Use this as a time to reboot your personal wellness and recalibrate your diet and exercise.

5.) Spring cleaning – literally. Go through your closets, rearrange, and purge. It will make you feel good, fresh and ready for the day at the office.

We’re energized and ready to crush it this spring! And we can’t wait to see what you do.

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