Crisis Management

Sometimes bad things happen to good companies and executives. At Boardroom PR, our Florida Crisis Management team is prepared to mitigate and control damage to reputations and help position tarnished images in a more favorable light. We also work with clients to help avoid such situations from ever happening at all.

At BoardroomPR, we have one of Florida’s top crisis communications and management practices serving large corporations, entrepreneurs, not-for-profits, attorneys, lobbyists, and public sector entities on critical, bet-the-ranch matters such as investigations, lawsuits, land use matters, natural and manmade disasters, environmental situations, crime, accidents, public health emergencies, bid disputes and allegations of wrongdoing. On average, we handle two crises a month.

Crises can hit companies from any angle at any time. While it’s up to you to avoid most crises, it’s up to your Crisis Management firm to help control the fallout.

Our time-tested strategies help companies, firms, and individuals respond sensibly and effectively to any situation. After all, crises rarely happen on a schedule. The organization or individual is thrust into a situation where it must deal with a sudden, significant and unpredictable negative event.

Even if the event was anticipated – a lawsuit, a bankruptcy, or other event – the organization must respond in a reasoned and clear manner.

Before any crisis occurs, Boardroom PR works with clients to help train their executives and prepare their reactions. Our media Training Program covers speaking points to be covered – and left unsaid – in any conversation with the media, the public, or stakeholders. We train organizations on who is not to speak with the media, who is – and when.

And today, it is essential that we deal with all of a company’s “publics,” and via the media they prefer. In addition to the traditional media, BoardroomPR’s Florida crisis management professionals cover all of the bases including social media, internet review sites, employees, customers and stakeholders and industry, regulators and the community at large.

No strategist can prevent all crises. But the right crisis management firm can help control the fallout. Let Boardroom PR be your partner in crisis management. Give us a call today at (954) 370-8999/(954) 629-7523 or email Don Silver or Todd Templin at We are available 24/7 to help manage or avert a crisis.

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