As we near the end of the month, many people have already failed with their New Year’s Resolution. Whether it’s losing weight, exercising more, keeping your desk neat, or starting a book list, most of us tend to fall back to our old ways – particularly if they weren’t so bad!

Businesses, however, must evolve. The old way is exactly that – OLD – if a business or company does not embrace the present and look toward the future. Marketing is essential for any company to survive. Word of mouth is still great – but who’s talking when everyone is emailing, texting, tweeting or posting!

If your marketing doesn’t embrace social media, you will fall behind. South Florida public relations firms have long recognized the need to incorporate new elements – the top firms are not simply media relations experts (although they better be good at that) but also social media, crisis communications, public affairs and branding professionals.

If you’ve made a business resolution to amp up your marketing, increase your visibility and generate greater awareness, think about PR as a cost effective, efficient – and enjoyable when to get out there!