When working for public relations firmscarpe diem – or seize the day – is the name of the PR game.  Knowing how to make the most of current events and turning them into big results for our clients is crucial. 

What a difference dates make – literally. For example, there are “National Awareness” dates for everything these days, from Mental Health Awareness Month in May to Caregiver Appreciation Day in November. When thinking of potential media topics, we often ask ourselves, “Are there significant events that take place in a given month?” or “Does this client have someone who is considered an expert or thought leader on a timely topic?”

Leading up to the April 15 tax deadline, we took advantage of various opportunities to secure tax season story placements for our accounting public relations client Fiske & Co. We presented members of its team as experts on a variety of tax topics, ensuring that it remained top of mind on an important topic.

It is important to learn about hot topics and trends. Many companies support social causes. Knowledge of current events enables us to find relevant causes for our clients to partner with and build positive associations.

What makes seizing the moment effective?

  • Increases Visibility: By tying into a hot topic, we get our clients mentioned in media coverage or discussions that are already gaining traction. This expands their reach beyond their usual audience.
  • Increases Credibility: Being associated with a newsworthy event or trend can build trust and credibility with the public.

Keys to be successful at seizing the moment:

  • Be Proactive: We constantly monitor news and social media for potential opportunities.
  • Be Creative: We think outside the box to find unique ways to connect our clients to trending topics.
  • Stay informed: Never assume you know everything. News changes direction in a blink.

By staying alert and ready to act, BoardroomPR turns fleeting moments into valuable PR wins for our clients.

Diana Mellion

PR Specialist

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