In the world of public relations, securing national media coverage for your client is akin to hitting a grand slam in baseball. It requires a perfect pitch, an understanding of timing, and a personal approach that resonates with journalists. As an experienced Florida publicity team, our job is to ensure our client’s story gets noticed and stands out. Recently, we had the opportunity to pitch a historic story on behalf of our client, related to a major announcement by Major League Baseball (MLB) advising they were combining the player records of the seven Negro Leagues from the 1940s and 1950s to those of MLB’s. Our client is the co-founder of the Negro League Baseball Players Association, Ed Schauder, a sports and securities law attorney at Nason Yeager. He represents several estates and sees an opportunity for the families to monetize the names and reputations of these previously little-known players.

Josh Gibson, American baseball catcher in the Negro Leagues

Pitching a national story requires a strategic blend of timeliness, personalization, and precision. By following these guidelines, we enhance media relations efforts and achieve significant PR wins for clients. Remember, a well-crafted pitch is like a well-played baseball game – it’s all about stepping up to the plate with confidence and having a game plan!  

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The following are some tips when you think your story deserves national attention:

Timeliness is Everything

Align your pitch with current events to boost coverage chances. We timed our pitch about MLB integrating Negro Leagues statistics with MLB’s announcement, highlighting over 2,300 players like Josh Gibson. This relevance and Mr. Schauder’s role as the licensing agent for Gibson’s estate added significance.

Research and Personalize Your Pitches

Personalization makes your pitch stand out. Research journalists’ past work and target those who cover relevant topics. For our MLB story, we focused on sports journalists and those interested in baseball history and racial integration, showing we had done our homework.

Craft a Powerful Lede and State the Facts

Your lede should be compelling and fact packed. We emphasized MLB’s recognition of Negro Leagues statistics and its historical impact, immediately conveying the news’s magnitude.

Keep Your Pitch Concise

Journalists prefer concise pitches. We included key points about the historic change, its impact on MLB records, and a brief intro by Mr. Schauder, making it easy for journalists to grasp the story quickly.

Proofread Thoroughly

Typos and errors can ruin a pitch. Proofreading ensures professionalism and credibility. Our careful proofreading reinforced our message’s accuracy and respect for the journalist’s time.

By crafting and delivering our pitch meticulously, we secured widespread media coverage, showcasing our client’s expertise. Strategic pitching, like a well-played baseball game, is about confidence and a solid game plan.

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Angelic Bringas

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