By: Hayley Brooks

As we officially enter spring, undergraduate hopefuls are gearing up to score the most killer summer internship possible. Unsure where to start? BoardroomPR breaks down all things internships: where to find ‘em, how to get ‘em, and the best way to maximize the gig.


The best places to look for communications and PR internships that we’ve come across:

Your college alumni database // Career Services office


The strength of weak ties is a big one here. There is a serious difference between nepotism and networking, and successfully navigating your contacts to an amazing summer internship is an art form. Your uncle’s colleague’s daughter may just be the best first boss ever – so tell everyone and anyone what you’re looking for, and ask them how they can help you find it. In my case, my older cousin Ali was an intern for BoardroomPR, and set up an introduction for me to meet with our President, Julie Talenfeld, regarding a summer internship. Ali’s good word and credibility as a previous (awesome!) intern put me at the top of the pile, and I landed at BoardroomPR the summer after my freshman year of college.

Even if you do apply online to one of the sites mentioned above, go the extra mile by finding an actual human being at the company you want to work at – through LinkedIn, for example – and set up an informational call. Be a go getter. Get creative.


Make yourself indispensable. Go above and beyond. Become so essential that the company can’t imagine the workplace without you. In my case – six years after my internship, I’m writing BoardroomPR’s Blog!

Check in with your former boss routinely: around the holidays, when you’ve updated your resume, near graduation. Build and maintain your relationships because it’s never too early to start building your own professional network, even if you’re still in school.

And good news! Boardroom is staffing up for summer interns. Check out the link below to apply (and yes, creatively elevating your application as per above is most encouraged). Who knows, you may just be writing this very blog in a few years.

Apply HERE!

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