USC’s Annenberg School of Communications conducted a survey of PR professionals to gather their opinions regarding the White House’s communications team. Their findings were released, and we’ve got the BoardroomPR round up for you:

The survey was comprised of 900 people, 55.3% of whom identified as liberals, 29.6% moderates, and 15.1% conservatives; and the sweeping takeaway is that 73.2% of them felt that the White House is hurting the public’s perception of the public relations industry as a whole.

As their press release on Tuesday notes, “Members of the White House communications team are traditionally the most prominent public relations professionals in the world. As the most visible figures in American and global media, they are a key voice for advancing presidential policies and priorities that impact not only Americans, but citizens around the world. Under the current administration, they are also impacting something else – their own profession.”

Fred Cook, the director of USC Annenberg’s School of Public Relations, said that the results of the survey revealed the PR industry’s desire to completely distance itself from the White House communications team, “whose practices are not reflective of the values of the broader industry” – which they qualify quite literally in their survey. 90% of respondents felt that Kellyanne Conway in particular had a negative impact on the perception of their profession, with 78% describing her effect as “very” negative.

Check out the full press release and survey charts here. The good news is that the survey explicitly shows the values of PR professionals: transparency, open and honest communication, delicately crafting a story, response, or plan and sticking to it. The bad news…The White House beats to a very different drum.

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