In the fast-paced world of TV, staying current and relevant is essential. Topics that are timely, addressing current events, trends, or issues, are more likely to pique the audience’s interest. So, what is the secret sauce that makes a topic ideal for multimedia, and specifically a TV audience? Let’s dive into the key ingredients that can transform an idea into compelling television content.

Broad Appeal:

One of the most fundamental aspects of a TV-friendly topic is its broad appeal. The broader the appeal, the wider the potential audience. It should directly impact the local community or have a significant connection to their lives. Viewers are more likely to engage with stories that affect them personally or provide insights into their neighborhoods. A good local news story answers the question, “Why does this matter to me?” By knowing the importance of reaching a broad audience, you can craft your pitching accordingly. 

Visual Elements:

Television is a visual medium, so the elements you are offering can make or break a topic’s suitability for the small screen. Topics that lend themselves to captivating visuals are more likely to engage viewers. For example, someone standing at a podium isn’t considered attention-grabbing. Try to think of a more visual backdrop for your press conference or other elements you can offer to make the story more appealing to a TV producer. Be sure to explain the visual elements in your pitch to help the news team better visualize what the story might look like. 

Easy to Explain in a Short Segment:

TV stories are pretty short, 1:30-3:00 minutes in the norm. With limited time, you need to make sure your story idea can be explained succinctly and leave a lasting impact. 

Human Connection:

One of the most powerful tools in storytelling is the human element. A compelling news story often focuses on the people affected by the event or issue being covered. By sharing personal stories, struggles, and triumphs, reporters can connect viewers emotionally to the news. 

Crafting TV content that resonates with a wide audience requires a combination of factors. A topic with broad appeal, strong visual elements, timeliness and an emotional connection make for television gold. Here at BoardroomPR we understand these key elements, helping you craft a better pitch that will help you get noticed on the small screen. 

Lauren Berger

Account Director

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