Instagram Reels have become a staple component of social media marketing campaigns for industries across the board. These 3- to 90-second videos not only give brands and businesses a fresh way to engage, connect and interact with their target audience but also provide a platform to tell their story in a unique, captivating way. But as social media marketers, it’s our job to look beyond content creation. We also need to understand what’s working, and what’s not, so we can adjust our social media marketing strategy accordingly. With all the insights and data readily available, you may be wondering: How can I tell if what I’m doing is performing well? Here are 4 ways to test your Instagram Reels using 2 metrics so you can understand just that!

The two metrics we’re tracking are:

  1. Insights: Duration (length of the reel), reach (how many unique users saw the Reel at least once) and plays (the number of times the Reel has been played)
  2. Engagements: Likes (the number of people who ‘liked’ the Reel), comments (the number of comments received on the Reel), shares (the amount of times the Reel was shared with another user) and saves (the number of people who ‘saved’ your post)

The four ways we’re going to test our videos are:

  1. Video length: Have you ever scrolled down your feed and watched a 3-second video, over and over? That’s okay–we have, too! This shows us that as long as the content is engaging, time length doesn’t matter. So just because you can create videos up to 90 seconds, doesn’t mean you should. Try different video lengths, and take a look at your insights and engagements over time to see if there’s a sweet spot for your audience. And then take it a step further and see if there’s a trend between video style and video length.
  2. Video style: Spend time watching Reels on Instagram in your business’ industry as well as other industries. Take note of trends, use of filters, transitions, and effects. Try putting different overlays to make your video more visually appealing or using effects to direct your audience’s attention to a specific topic or object in your video. With your transitions, feel free to get creative as you switch from scene to scene. Are you starting from a higher angle in one scene and dropping to a lower one in the next? Or using a simple dissolve? Whichever you choose, make sure you’re keeping track.
  3. Audio: One of the awesome features about Instagram Reels are the audio options available. From original audio to voice overs to the text-to-speech generator and trending saved audios from other creators, you’re able to see what exactly resonates with your audience and when.
  4. Timing: At the end of the day, it’s all about timing. You may have the perfect mix of video style, video length and audio, but if your audience isn’t online, it’s harder to receive the desired outcome. Check out optimal posting times for your industry, and schedule your content based on these recommendations to ensure you get the most out of your Instagram Reels.

Now that we’ve identified the 4 ways you’re going to test and the 2 metrics, we’re looking at, it’s time to analyze. For example, if you’re trying different video lengths look at the metrics from the shorter videos and compare them to the longer ones. Do you notice the numbers going up or down? Repeat this process for the other sections, and use these observations to help shape your strategy moving forward.

At BoardroomPR, our award-winning team of social media experts are trained to identify key trends and behaviors when it comes to any social media campaign. If you’re looking to level up your Instagram Reels and overall social media marketing strategy for 2023, contact us at (954) 370-8999.

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