Community involvement is very important here at BoardroomPR. After 30+ years as a top South Florida public relations firm, it is natural for us to find ways to get involved and make a difference.

On December 3rd, BoardroomPR was among the proud sponsors for the 26th annual Rotary Run for Tomorrow, an event organized by the Rotary Club of Weston. This day-long celebration promotes health and wellness while raising money for the community. Since its inception, the run has helped to contribute over $2 million to South Florida charities, non-profits, and The Rotary Foundation.

It is essential for companies to give back locally since it is good for the community and can help boost your business in ways you might not expect.

Community Engagement

Sponsoring local events or charities provides companies with a unique opportunity to engage with the community. Also, a thriving community usually translates to a good business environment.

Gain Credibility Both Internally and Externally

Supporting local initiatives that align with your company can resonate with both your employees and area consumers. People often prefer businesses that actively participate in the community, and employees appreciate working for companies with a strong sense of social responsibility.

Marketing and Exposure

Sponsorship of local events offers a cost-effective public relations and marketing strategy. These events expose your business to a targeted local audience, associating your company with positive experiences, contributing to a more memorable and favorable brand image.

Social Impact

Supporting local charities or events allows your business to make a meaningful contribution to social causes. Helping address community needs demonstrates a commitment to making a positive impact on society, which is a great thing.

Now is the perfect time to look ahead and think of ways your company can get involved this year to help make a difference locally.

Lauren Berger

Account Director