Working From Home Checklist

With the pandemic forcing companies to shift to working from home, virtual internships have become more common than ever. Have you been offered a remote internship for the upcoming spring semester? Congratulations! BoardroomPR has organized a few tips to keep in mind before starting:

  • Go out of your way to reach out to company employees from the start

Since you are not working in an office and seeing these people every day, it can be tough to stand out and create relationships with employees of the company. Ask for a few minutes of their time for a quick video call so you can establish that important connection (and they can see what you look like)!

  • Set a realistic work schedule

Working from home and taking classes at the same time can be daunting. Since you are alone in your home and not in an office, you have nobody looking over your shoulder, but rather a lot of distractions. Make sure you organize all your responsibilities so you can communicate a schedule that works on both ends.

  • Check-in with your supervisor

Communication with a supervisor is key. We recommend providing daily or weekly updates on your tasks – depending on what they want! This way they can stay updated on what you are doing without having to ask directly. Establishing this strong working relationship is also important in asking for feedback or help on any assignments.  

  • Create a professional at-home environment

Dress to impress! While you don’t need to be dressed in business professional while sitting at your home desk, make sure that you maintain professionalism, especially while on camera.  Put on a nice top, add a virtual background on your web call, etc.

  • You get out what you put in

Understand the company you are interning with so you can get the best experience possible. Don’t be afraid to express anything specific you’d like to learn or tasks you’d like to complete. For example, BoardroomPR is a full-service South Florida public relations firm offering services like social media, website management, influencer marketing, and more. What are you most passionate about?

Good luck, interns! And a special shoutout to our incredible interns during this fall/winter season: Kira Green and Sammy Bornstein! Kira is a student at Florida State University and Sammy is at Florida International University. Both will be continuing with us this upcoming Spring semester!

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