In today’s world, companies are under more pressure than ever to speak out on current events and social issues, making corporate communications even more difficult to navigate. 

Businesses now must carefully traverse the delicate balance between their public responsibilities and primary obligation to shareholders. How can businesses navigate this?

Here are some best practices to ensure that your corporate communications in response to national and global events keep in line with your company’s values and mission. 

1. Be authentic and consistent.

Your stance on these issues should align with your company’s core values and principles. Moreover, it’s important to maintain a consistent approach over time. This means that your company’s actions should reflect your stated values and your messaging should align with your actual practices.

2. Be transparent and open.

Be open about your intentions, actions and challenges. Whether it’s a diversity and inclusion initiative, sustainability efforts, or a response to a current event, transparency builds trust.

3. Engage your employees.

Your employees are your most important ambassadors. Get their input on how the company should address social issues, and make sure they feel comfortable speaking out about their own views.

4. Use clear and compassionate messaging.

Use plain language that is easy to understand for a broad audience. Avoid jargon and hyperbole. Be sensitive to the topic at hand and convey empathy for those affected.

5. Avoid being performative.

Actions should speak louder than words. Engage in meaningful community involvement related to the issue at hand. This could include volunteering, donating to nonprofits or partnering with other organizations.

6. Continuously evaluate and adapt.

The business landscape, as well as public sentiment, changes over time. Regularly assess your communication strategies and adjust them as necessary to remain relevant and effective.

By following these best practices, companies can communicate effectively on national, global and social issues while building trust with their stakeholders and making a positive impact on the world. For help crafting your company’s messaging, speak with one of our corporate communication pros at 954-370-8999. 

Jessica Shein

Account Director

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