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Your Online Marketing is Talking. Are You Listening?

Successful entrepreneurs rely on their intuition and teams when making important marketing decisions. But your gut and team can only deliver so much guidance, especially in the online realm.

Those smart executives who know the Internet is one of the most powerful tools to reach new prospects and existing customers alike have another source of trusted insights: digital analytics.

Online analytics reveals how well your digital presence – websites, eNewsletter, traditional PR, and social media campaigns – are speaking to your audience. Analytics also are speaking to you.

Are you listening?

The tips below reveal how analytics can boost the effectiveness of common online marketing channels.

Perform Website Analytics. Your Website is the mother ship of your online presence. Yet many sites are outdated, not mobile-ready, and don’t deliver a quality user experience. Aside from keeping your site updated, install and review Google Analytics and Console information to see who’s visiting, what they’re looking for, where they were referred from, and if they’re engaging by downloading content, signing up for your eNewsletter, or requesting an appointment.

Boost Search Engine Optimization. SEO relies on fresh and relevant content using targeted keywords to help raise your site’s ranking on Google, Google Business, and other key directories. A qualified SEO expert can perform, analyze your site’s placement and ensure you’re not buried beneath your competition. Pro Tip: Check competitor sites to see how they rank for your high-priority keywords.

Blog for Business. Once you know what visitors are looking for, write and post articles using those keywords. Next, improve your search rankings by contributing that content to authoritative websites and blogs with backlinks to your site. If you’ve been covered in the media or your articles have been placed on other sites, post those links to your site. Looking for content? Articles often can be repurposed from your eNewsletter, which itself not only keeps contacts informed, but can reveal performance metrics like open rates and forwards.

Boost Your Social Media. A social media campaign helps reach and engage target audiences, which boosts online reviews, builds your brand, and generates new business. Ads should use striking images and compelling video, and should be part of a campaign released as scheduled on your social media content calendar. Integrate this with your company’s traditional PR campaign. A post-campaign review of the social media channel analytics will reveal how the program performed.

These steps can bolster your intuition, improve marketing outreach, and help you stay atop the competition.

Don Silver is COO of BoardroomPR, a statewide public relations and integrated marketing agency. He can be reached at