As we begin yet another Women’s History Month this March, there’s no better time to highlight the remarkable contributions women have made throughout history. At BoardroomPR, a full-service Florida public relations and social media firm founded by Julie Talenfeld in 1989, we’re doing more than just celebrating women’s achievements—we’re actively working to amplify their voices in an otherwise crowded space.

Julie started BoardroomPR with the vision of providing strategic communications and media relations services that enable our clients to thrive in business. But more than that, she created a female-owned space that harnesses the power of storytelling to drive meaningful impact for our clients and the communities they serve. 

Julie also creates opportunities for women to lead our firm. In fact, more than half of BoardroomPR’s management team are females and several of our department heads, including social media and digital marketing, are women as well.

Beyond BoardroomPR’s professional successes, Julie is also deeply committed to fostering connections in the community and celebrating the accomplishments of women. Through her weekly social media column “Women’s Crush Wednesday,” she shines a spotlight on women who are making a difference.

Join us this month—and every month—as we honor the legacy of women who continue to shape history. More importantly, here’s to Julie Talenfeld, our fearless leader, and to all the women who inspire us every day!

Jen Clarin

Jen Clarin

Vice President