Getting your content picked up by search engines is a matter of word usage and placement. If you want to be ranked on page one of Google, make sure to follow this two-part roadmap on how to help search engines find your content.

Researching Keywords:
This is a discovery stage where you want to research what word or phrases a person would type in a search bar to find the content you create. For example, if you are a creative individual who wraps cars with promotional signage, then focusing on a keyword like, “car wraps” is a good starting point. Researching your target audience will help you find the keywords that those who want your services use to find you. To help you with your exploration, use Google Keyword Planner to discover what other supporting words show up when your primary keyword is searched as well.

After you have gathered one primary keyword/phrase — the word or words that best describes your content — and 7 supporting keywords, you’re on the right road to getting recognized by Google. Ultimately, content optimization is about choosing the correct keywords that target your audience.

Using Keywords:
When someone types an inquiry, Google reviews certain locations first on a webpage for content that matches the search entry. With this in mind, make sure to place your keywords on these following areas:

1. Incorporate your primary and supporting keywords into your copy. For instance, going along with our car wrapping example, you can have something that reads like this: “Make sure your company’s brand is seen by everyone – everywhere, even at 95 phr. DPG offers the best car wraps in South Florida”
2. Include it on your heading too. For example, “Car wraps add value to your brand”
3. Make sure your URL consist of the keywords

The process requires research and time, and if you need a dedicated team that specializes in making your content recognizable by Google, BoardroomPR’s website development and SEO team is here to help.

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by: Laura Suarez

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