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Some in the business world might think social media is for teenagers and hobbyists. But that is old-school thinking. To smart business executives, social media can be a marketing powerhouse. No longer an add-on or adjunct to traditional marketing, social media is about more than Twitter followers or Facebook fans. Social media should be a critical and central component of every company’s marketing communications toolbox.

Whether part of a public relations, advertising, web marketing, or event promotions campaign, social media is the key element that reaches where few other media can go – straight to your customers, prospects and contacts on whatever device they’re using and wherever they may be.

There is no question that social media has a place in any PR or corporate communications marketing campaign and can be skillfully integrated in just the right way to enhance messaging and brand impact.

At Boardroom PR, we know social media. We help create or elevate our clients’ social media platform. From crafting your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google+, YouTube Channel, corporate blog, or other social media presence, or improving what you already have, we make your social presence consumer friendly and media ready. We work with your execs to grow your social media presence, build audience and maximize engagement.

Social media is about engagement – crafty, creative, compelling engagement. Content that attracts and transforms visitors into followers, friends and fans. Working closely with our public relations efforts, we turn print and television media placements into online posts that extend the reach to consumers in new and novel ways.

Mobile ready and media savvy, our social media campaigns drive your message to consumers’ desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones – reaching fans and prospects alike wherever life takes them. Whether through online videos or captivating posts and updates that are Creative and engaging, they see and hear your message in new and novel ways.

Along the way, your brand builds its presence. Your message gets delivered. Your influence is extended in ways unheard of a generation ago.

Let the Florida social media pros at BoardroomPR help you develop an impactful social media strategy and campaign that will positively contribute to your brand and business. Give us a call or contact us on Facebook or Linkedin to set up a meeting.

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