We all know that testimonials from clients can boost credibility and positive perception of a company. But did you know that 79% of people prefer viewing a video rather than a written testimonial?

In the day and age where video is ‘king’, video testimonials are easy to obtain and can be used in various ways. Whether you post a video to YouTube, LinkedIn, or even live on your website, people ALWAYS prefer to put a face to words. 

Here are 4 reasons why you should start investing in video testimonials: 

  1. Establish Credibility
    1. Video testimonials can enhance trust through real-life testimonials 
    2. Humanizing the brand by showcasing a satisfied customer
  1. Emotional Connection
    1. With a person on the other side, the viewer is more prone to strike a personal connection and relatability 
    2. You have a chance to SHOW the diversity of your clients, hence your company’s successful work
  1. Showcasing Real Results
    1. You can display before-and-after scenarios 
    2. Use customer success stories as a reflection of the brand’s capabilities
  1. SEO and Online Visibility
    1. There is such an ease of accessing video content in the digital age 
    2. Video content will improve search engine rankings

How can you achieve this? In modern times, 85% of people carry a perfectly capable camera; the smartphone. Anyone nearby can get video proof of your client’s appreciation of your services. Make sure to:

  1. Choose the right customer(s) to feature
  2. Structure video testimonials for the platform you are interested in posting on
  3. Incorporate authenticity, storytelling, and emotion 
BoardroomPR recently produced this testimonial video for Crane Tech, interviewing one of their longtime clients along with a Crane Tech instructor.

Not interested in doing the dirty work? At BoardroomPR, our award-winning team of social media experts can produce compelling stories and experiences of your satisfied customers. This is a crucial tool for businesses to build trust, engage emotionally, and showcase real results.

If you’re looking to level up your client testimonials and overall social media marketing strategy for 2023, contact us at (954) 370-8999.

Bri Grall

Account Coordinator

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