BoardroomPR is featured in South Florida Business & Wealth (SFBJ) Magazine sharing our firm’s story, starting with BoardroomPR President, Julie Talenfeld.

The article illustrates how Talenfeld’s passion for journalism pushed her starting her own company 25 years ago. BoardroomPR is now a top South Florida public relations firm with 16 employees and 4 offices throughout Florida. Read the full story:

BoardroomPR president is still a journalist at heart

By Kevin Gale

Julie Silver Talenfeld’s BoardroomPR is one of the top public relations firms in South Florida, but she’s still a news junkie at heart. That’s not surprising if you know her family.

Her father, Ben Silver, was a reporter for Channel 7 in Miami and CBS News nationally. He reported on the Cuban missile crisis and was the first reporter on the scene after Ted Kennedy’s fatal car crash in Chappaquiddick. Her sister, Beth, reported for The Associated Press, and her brother, Kurt, was an award-winning investigative reporter before joining the FBI.

Julie Talenfeld considers herself a news junkie since chasing down fire trucks and police cars while growing up in South Florida. She says she always felt compelled to know what was happening, and her passion for news is still apparent today…

Read the full article HERE!

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