As you begin to wrap things up for the year, now is a good time to refresh yourself on some new social media developments. Thankfully, Buffer has compiled a list of 14 changes to the major social media platforms, including several changes that will help marketers use these sites more efficiently in the New Year.

Facebook has come out with some new methods for managing posts, including a search bar that allows you to search for past posts using keywords. There is also a new feature that allows you to save the content of someone else’s post, so you can go back and read the link or the article later. This feature will most likely prove helpful for those of us who scan our news feeds throughout the day, but don’t always have time to read further at that moment.

Marketers who use Twitter, and that should include all of us, will now have the ability to search through the site’s full tweet index. This means that users can search through every public tweet on Twitter since its inception. Feeling overwhelmed? The site also added an advanced search feature to help narrow down the results.

Check out the article on Buffer Social to see all 14 of the latest social media platform changes. And keep checking the BoardroomPR blog to stay up to date on the latest public relations, social media, marketing and crisis communications news.

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