Recently, Dr. Brett Osborn sat down with the hosts of the Shrimp Tank Podcast to discuss his career journey with the hopes that it could help some future health-focused entrepreneurs. Dr. Osborn shared insights learned as a neurosurgeon and why he decided to pivot and start a second subspecialty: his longevity health clinic, Senolytix, based in West Palm Beach. 

As Dr. Osborn’s public relations, digital and multi-media partner, BoardroomPR is always looking for strategic partnerships that can help amplify a client’s messaging through expanded outreach. Shrimp Tank was a great opportunity to do just that since it is meant for aspiring entrepreneurs.

The podcast, which is done through FAU’s College of Business, features trailblazers like the CEO of Celsius and the CEO of TRX, as well as other well-known South Florida entrepreneurs. It provided the ideal platform for Dr. Osborn to showcase his journey and health-focused initiatives at Senolytix.

The hosts were surprised to hear that despite the demands of his neurosurgical practice, Dr. Osborn decided to follow his passion and open Senolytix, a pioneering longevity clinic. His goal with the clinic is to bridge the gap between conventional medicine and preventive healthcare. At Senolytix, individuals are offered cutting-edge solutions aimed at enhancing quality of life with anti-aging medicine.  

Dr. Osborn also shared tips for optimizing health and maximizing longevity, something the hosts were impressed to learn more about with their follow up questions. 

As Dr. Osborn’s appearance on the Shrimp Tank Podcast demonstrates how BoardroomPR’s strategic approach to media relations and social media management helps to drive engagement and encourage new connections in the community while building audience and engagement. 

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Lauren Berger

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