In just the past month, Hurricane Harvey set its sights heavily on Texas, Hurricane Irma swept through Florida destroying our beloved Florida Keys, and Hurricane Maria terrorized Puerto Rico. Thousands were displaced, homes were destroyed and many are still left without power, water and food.

The time is now to come together and provide the disaster relief to help these communities rebound from such traumatic events. In fact, it should be at the forefront of corporate responsibility.

Whether you’re a huge corporation like Anheuser-Busch, which used their brewery to can drinking water for Harvey victims, or a Florida PR agency, law firm, physicians’ practice, restaurant or hotel or other small business owner, it’s important to give back in any way that you can. We urge you to not just talk about it, but to take action.

Donate money to the Red Cross or encourage your employees to bring in water, food and clothing to an in-office donation bin.  Natural disasters are never planned and people are rarely 100 percent prepared for them. Help others while you can, because you never know when disaster might strike your community.

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