Instagram Reels 2022

One of the best-kept secrets on the internet is: What makes a post go viral? For 2022, the answer is as simple as 7 to 15 seconds.  

Short-form videos, from TikTok to Instagram {Instagram: 3 Major Changes to Know About Right Now – boardroomPR: boardroom PR} Reels, took off in the last couple of years, and there’s no sign of a slowdown in 2022. On Instagram, Reels {} are being pushed on the algorithm for all users, not just the ones that follow you. This means Reels are a simple way to connect with new users on the app. 

Why use Instagram Reels?  

  • It is another way to expand your reach 

Instead of publishing in-feed posts—posts typically only your followers will see—posting Reels can increase your chances of landing a spot on the Explore Page, a hub of photos, videos and Reels tailored to a unique user’s interests and engagement behavior on the app. Here, brands will have a great opportunity to reach potential new followers and direct them back to their profiles. 

  • It lasts longer than stories 

At first glance, Instagram Reels can look similar to posting on your Instagram Story. However, your story will only appear for 24 hours, whereas a Reel lives on the page.  

What makes your content do well on the algorithm{Social Media Marketing Trends for 2022: Predictions and Preparation – boardroom PR: boardroom PR}? 

  • The video is watched all the way through  
  • People like it  
  • People comment on it 
  • People use the audio in their own videos 

What kind of Reel should you post? 

  • Something entertaining or fun (grabs someone’s attention, makes them laugh or has a twist at the end) 
  • Inspirational videos 
  • Use creative tools like text, filters or camera effects 
  • Vertical video 
  • Music from the Instagram music library  

If you see the arrow pointing up next to the audio at the bottom left, that means the audio is trending. This would be the perfect time to use the sound. 

  • Something original & authentic to you 

According to the CEO of Instagram Adam Mosseri, Reels are still quite far behind, which means we can expect to see a lot of growth and improvements for the new year. As one of the top Florida digital marketing and public relations agencies,  BoardroomPR offers award-winning media relations, marketing, and social media campaigns that can elevate your business, firm, or organization and achieve marketing goals. Need help getting started on creating more Instagram reels? Click here to learn more{Hire Social Media Experts in Florida | Facebook Marketing -BoardroomPR: boardroom PR} 

Veronika Vernachio

Multimedia Account Executive

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