Your Twitter profile says a lot about your business. It’s a reflection of how in-tune you are with the fast-growing digital world. It proves your employees are up to speed on relevant topics and keeping up with their industry. Here are ways to make your companies Twitter stand out:

#1 Engage, engage, engage

The whole point of social media is to interact with one-another. If you get a new follower, give them a shout out. Make sure to respond, retweet and “favorite” tweets that apply to your company.  You want your followers to feel a personal connection to your business

#2 Make your profile pop

Your bio is the first thing people see—make it concise, catchy and purposeful without bombarding them with too much information.

Update your cover photo but keep your profile picture consistent. You want people to recognize your company’s logo. If you change your profile picture all the time, no one will remember which image to associate with your brand. Switch up your cover photo to promote upcoming events.

Choose a color scheme that goes with your company image. This will make your profile look clean and professional.

#3 Unfollow inactive and irrelevant users

Get rid of those who aren’t contributing to your social media success. To be a true expert, follow those who are involved in your industry and relevant to you. Follow local influencers—for example BoardroomPR follows the hottest spots in Miami and Fort Lauderdale. If they’re engaging in a conversation that involves the community, we join in, too!

#4 Pin a tweet

A pinned tweet appears at the top of your Twitter feed—the first tweet someone will see when they go to your profile.

Go to your Twitter profile page, select a tweet you want to pin, (preferably one that contains your company’s website) click the icon with three dots on the bottom right of your tweet, and select “Pin to your Profile Page. It’s that easy!

Oh, and don’t forget to follow @Boardroompr!

By Yarden Cohen, Director of Social Media

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