For the past two decades, Florida’s Children First (FCF), an award-winning non-profit organization, has been the voice of at–risk children and youth in our state. BoardroomPR client and nationally recognized children’s rights attorney Howard Talenfeld founded the organization in 2002 along with attorneys from across Florida who were individually working on issues affecting these vulnerable children. In combining their expertise and resources, this group became united in their mission to achieve greater reform in the systems that affect kids.

On April 7, FCF celebrated 20 years of service at its annual Broward County Advocates for Children Awards. This special event highlighted the organization’s many achievements over the past two decades as well as the accomplishments of community leaders in Broward who support its mission of making positive changes in the lives of children. BoardroomPR, a longtime supporter of nonprofits in our community, was proud to assist in promoting this event and spreading the word about FCF’s mission.

On top of hitting the 20-year milestone, this event also paid tribute to FCF’s longtime Executive Director, Christina Spudeas, who retired this year. Christine has dedicated most of her personal and professional life to public service, helping and advocating for children and ensuring the voices are heard and respected.  At the awards ceremony, she was presented with the 2022 Lifetime Achievement in Child Advocacy Award, and Kyle Johnson and Elijah Sylverin received 2022 Outstanding Youth Advocate Awards.

BoardroomPR has handled nonprofit PR since its inception. We are honored to work with charities and philanthropic causes to support the work they do in our community.  

For more information about FCF and upcoming events, please visit www.floridaschildrenfirst.org