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BoardroomPR is thrilled to announce that we have received a Gold Coast PR Council Bernays Award for 2021! Executed by BoardroomPR’s social media director, Ashley Kearns, and senior account executive – digital, Mara Gordon, the “Empowering Survivors” campaign for New York City-based law firm Eisenberg & Baum won the award for “Best Social Media Campaign – For Profit.”

With the rise of the #metoo movement and the New York Child Victims Act, Eisenberg & Baum partnered with BoardroomPR to launch an awareness and lead generation campaign to educate and interact with survivors of traumatic sex abuse crimes and their families.

BoardroomPR’s apPRoach: Provide sensitive messages, highlighting different avenues survivors can turn to, to help them get the closure and/or justice they deserve. BoardroomPR created a series of Facebook and Instagram posts, complemented by ads where survivors can instantly connect with the lead attorney, Adriana Alcalde, through Facebook direct messenger.

To augment the above social media platforms, BoardroomPR created a riveting 60-second video ad that runs on YouTube. Done entirely in text, the ad portrays the issues of ambivalence and fear of a person frightened to tell a friend that they have been assaulted. This compelling message, in just one minute, succinctly and sensitively embraced the conflict that victims of sexual abuse live with.

Concept by: Ashley Kearns and Mara Gordon
Production by: Felipe Calderon

Overall, the campaign was extremely successful.  Eisenberg and Baum was referred to BoardroomPR, a South Florida PR firm, for this campaign based on the agency’s known success for other clients who also had practices focusing on extremely delicate and private issues.

At BoardroomPR, we pride ourselves on putting together award-winning social media campaigns that generate results. Whether it is traditional media relationssocial media optimizationwebsite development and SEO, hosting a special event, creating a winning advertising campaign or a new brochure, BoardroomPR has the experience and know-how to get the job done for law firms. Looking to turn up the volume? Our law firm marketing agency experts are ready to assist you!

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