At BoardroomPR, our publicists excel in award nominations for clients. It is a powerful tool that benefits the client exponentially. Award nominations, and WINS, are invaluable when it comes to helping a client build their BRAND and drive new BUSINESS.

Awards can recognize individuals, teams or an entire company. The actual writing of award nominations can often be very time consuming—clients are concerned they simply can’t make the time in their busy schedules. That’s where BoardroomPR publicists come in. We write the nominations on a client’s behalf and send to them for approval before submitting the final nomination. It requires minimal effort on the part of the client and results in a big reward.

Over the past year, our technology client e-Builder, which created construction management software, swept up award after award. They started off the year being named “Business of the Year” by the South Florida Business Journal. Ron and Jon Antevy, the company’s CEO and co-founder, were named to eMerge America’s Techweek 100. Those awards were then followed by “Florida Fast 100” and “Fast Tech Company” which recognize the fastest growing companies in Florida and the fastest growing technology companies. e-Builder was also named to the Inc. 5000 List of Fastest Growing Companies in America. The goal for e-Builder on a national level was to raise brand awareness and attract new clients; the goal on a local level was to attract new employees. They succeeded in both regards and were thrilled with how their award-season strategy impacted their overall growth as a company.

For companies looking to elevate their brand, bring in new business and create a buzz, consider putting in the time and effort during the next awards season.