Facebook’s information overload has become a pain for many of its 1.4 billion users, according to a recent Wall Street Journal article.

However, while we could all stop using the social media site at any time, we choose not to. Instead of continuing to complain about its annoyances, here are a few quick fixes to help some of the most popular pet peeves.

1. The No. 1 complaint about Facebook is the amount of times you’re exposed to news that you just don’t care about. As of last week, you can now prioritize your connections on Facebook and choose to see more posts from certain people. On the flip side, you can also unfollow those you want to see less from. This feature is especially helpful around election season.

2. Another criticism of Facebook is the overwhelming amount of notifications – maybe you don’t care about each additional comment on someone’s photo you “liked” a few months ago. That has a rather quick fix as well. On each post, there’s a dropdown menu for options. Simply click the menu and select “turn off notifications” and it does just that. However, you must do this for each thread you want to be removed from.

3. Facebook is constantly changing its options, algorithms and format to serve its users (and advertisers) better. It’s up to us to give feedback and adapt to the changes if we want to stay in the loop with current events, friends and family and our favorite businesses.

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by: Kelsey Dean

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