Muse 2020

I want to be sure to start off 2020 on the best possible foot—in business and in everything else. As a Public Relations and Crisis Communications Expert, I’m constantly learning about what resonates with people from my clients and from positioning new projects and campaigns. What is the secret sauce that makes a good message stick, and reverberates through a community?

From the past year, I have learned about the importance of sheer data to answer this question. Search Engine Optimization and Marketing, Google Analytics, Keyword Targeting, Bounce Rate, and so many others fuel our strategies when crafting winning communications plans. Numbers don’t lie, and in 2019, we’ve become masters at measuring all of the different possible units of success on every feasible physical and digital platform. We can quantify what works and what doesn’t, and we can do so instantly.

Yet as we start 2020, I’d like us all to take a step back on the metrics.

Though data is king, our emotions are certainly the queen.

Data is objective, which also means that it doesn’t take our feelings into account. Sometimes, you can’t measure the certain intangible something that makes a particular piece of content pop. Sometimes, two individuals’ experience something that can completely different, though they may be recorded in the same exact way.

So in 2020, I’m challenging myself to look beyond the numbers; not to discard them, but to remember that there is so much more to look at that may influence our proposals and strategies this year. As our world continues to be dominated by algorithms and code, we should strive to create truly meaningful engagements that relate to people on a basic human level.

This year, I believe the importance of good writing will be prioritized by all fields of business. Those who can create content that has that truly special something will be in high demand this year, as consumers will crave compelling stories that cut through the noise across all media platforms.

And more than anything else, I am prioritizing meaningful interactions this year on a day to day basis. Instead of sending an email, I’m going to pick up the phone; or better yet, make time for a coffee or lunch. Though the data may say otherwise, investing in building solid relationships and making time for face-to-face interactions is usually good for business. It also feels good for your soul!

So in our fast-paced, high-tech, data-driven world, let’s remember what’s important in 2020.

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