You finally master a social media platform whether it’s LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter. You finally understand its interface, how its algorithm works, and figure out a strategy that works for you and your business. Suddenly, there’s a new change bringing you back to square one. If that describes how you feel, you’re not alone.

It’s important to understand that social media is constantly evolving to improve every user’s experience. As a social media manager or business owner, you should always be on the look out for new trends and updates, so you, too, can evolve smoothly and successfully with these social media platforms.

As we accelerate towards the end of the year, here are 4 social media updates you should know:

1. Twitter is experimenting with a new vertical format for Moments, “based on research showing that Moments may be easier to the consumer if they are more consistent with the Twitter experience.” Learn more here.

2. LinkedIn expands their lead gen advertising option to two of their other ad tools: Sponsored InMail and Dynamic Ads. Learn more here.

3. Twitter increases its character limit from 140 characters to 280 characters. Learn more here.

4. Here are top social media trends that are expected to take over 2018: Video, Live Streaming, Ephemeral Content, Augmented Reality, AI & Chatbots, Focusing on Gen Z, Influencer Marketing, Mobile-Ready Content. Learn more here.

If you don’t know, now you know. 

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