Social media has changed the way businesses interact with just about anyone. Gone are the days of only print, television and radio ads, and in its place is the opportunity for instantaneous communication at any time. But if you own a sporting goods store, you might not want to focus your social media marketing strategy on Pinterest, where 92 percent of pins are made by women. And if your business targets teenagers, LinkedIn probably isn’t your best option, with the average user being 44.2 years old. Take a look at which site we recommend for your business.

With 968 million daily active users ranging from all ages, Facebook is a necessity for every business. A great way to connect with these users is by posting questions or images – they boast the greatest user engagement.
*Who should use it: Everyone, specifically B2C Brands, B2C Products and Software

Twitter is the perfect platform for virtually any business to engage directly with consumers. It allows businesses to post multiple times per day and immediately respond to feedback from users.
*Who should use it: Publications, B2B Businesses, B2C Businesses, Sports companies and Marketing companies

If your business has visual content, Instagram is the ideal platform. While you should post less frequently than on Twitter, use Instagram to showcase high quality images relating to your brand.
*Who should use it: Food, Fashion, Fitness and Luxury brands

LinkedIn is a business-oriented site, and therefore serves as a beneficial platform for networking professionally. Here, pretty graphics and pictures aren’t as vital as striking links and strong content.
*Who should use it: B2B Service Providers, Recruiters and Job-seekers

Females account for 69 percent of all Pinterest users. For this reason, it’s a good idea for retail businesses to use this platform because it has a substantial influence on purchasing decisions. 70 percent of Pinterest users use the website for inspiration on what to buy compared to only 17 percent of those on Facebook.
*Who should use it: Ecommerce, Retail, Food and Businesses whose target audience is women

These are just a few things to keep in mind when deciding which social media platform is best for your business.

by: Rebecca Rubin

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