Following its 2002 launch, LinkedIn quickly became known as the social media platform for business networking. Professionals utilize LinkedIn to make invaluable connections, job hunt or establish themselves as industry leaders. If you haven’t looked at your profile in a while, now is the time to do so! An updated profile will help ensure you maximize the power of LinkedIn and leave a lasting impression. Here are some things to review and consider when looking at your profile:

  1. Your photo: Since this is a business platform, and for many connections it’s your first impression, you should aim for a high-quality professional picture that reflects what you look like in person. Having a headshot that matches what is on your company website is also recommended. 
  2. Compelling Headline: The headline is a great opportunity for some creativity that goes beyond your job title. Beyond the headline, utilize industry-specific keywords throughout your profile to widen its searchability. 
  3. Detailed Summary: Your summary is more than just a detailed resume; it should tell your professional story. Highlight your achievements, skills and passions. Use this space to demonstrate what sets you apart. 
  4. Experience Section: This is the perfect place to list your work experience in a more detailed format. Don’t just copy your resume, but use this space to highlight accomplishments, skills and the impact you’ve had in past roles.
  5. Skills & Endorsements: Add relevant skills and seek endorsements from colleagues, supervisors and even referral sources. Third-party endorsements always work to boost your credibility.
  6. Organizations: Keeping your organizational involvement up to date is also important. This is a great opportunity to showcase your passions through volunteer work, professional associations and nonprofit involvement. 
  7. Custom URL: If you have not yet personalized your LinkedIn URL, you should definitely put this at the top of your list. Having a unique URL makes your profile easy to share and remember.
  8. Engage Regularly: LinkedIn is not just about making connections; it’s about building meaningful relationships that can turn into business. Being interactive is a huge part of LinkedIn. Commenting on posts, sharing interesting articles and joining and participating in industry-related groups will all provide multiple opportunities for engagement. Not to mention, active engagement will increase your visibility on others’ feeds.
  9. Keep it Updated: Make an effort to review and update your profile at least once a month to include new and relevant experiences, skills and achievements. 

LinkedIn is a dynamic networking tool, and enhancing your profile and keeping it updated is essential for success not only on the platform, but also to help amplify your branding as well. Contact BoardroomPR if you’re looking for more tips on how to utilize social media for business networking. 

Jen Clarin

Vice President

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