Social media experts are celebrating. LinkedIn has finally received a facelift.

LinkedIn has gone under the knife – literally. In an attempt to not slam information at users, the social networking site responded to feedback and has made major changes to its desktop interface to become more user-friendly.

As previously reported by the Wall Street Journal, the re-do was meant to make life on LinkedIn easier. As you scroll down your news feed, you’ll come across redesigned posts from your connections. You can still read comments from other users, like, reply and share. Although they are not in chronological order, you will still see every post, share, update and like from those in your network.

Some of the biggest changes LinkedIn has made will be a major convenience upgrade for avid users. Along the top banner you can now find your home button, connections, jobs, messaging and notification tabs. Located under profile photos, there’s a section to tell users how many profile views and post views they’ve received. You can still share an article, photo or update, but the options are now all combined in one text box at the top of the page. At the bottom of the page, users can keep their messages open as they jump around the site.

If you have several messages and connections you’ve been neglecting, this change was made for you. The tiny red notification flags will only be shown for activity that has occurred since your last log in. This is also great for recruiters and frequent job posters.

With the new changes, users will face more connecting and less clutter.

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