Your law firm, real estate development or luxury brand is a gemstone in the marketplace. Your clients are loyal and trusted for repeat business.
But how can you grow your business and reputation beyond those who know you – to those who should?

In modern parlance, it’s called going “viral.” Viral marketing takes news of your product, service and successes and spreads it like wildfire across the marketplace. You write a blog, post a Tweet, update your Facebook and LinkedIn – and your followers and friends see, comment, like or share your observations. The more poignant, pertinent or personal your news or thoughts, the more likely they are to be shared farther across the social media sphere.

When it comes to successful marketing, people are unsure of what content is newsworthy enough to share. Consider the following to help you get started with spreading the news:
– Engage on a personal level. With most corporate and business social media, followers and fans have chosen to connect because of a human touch. They’ve built a bond with the owner, an employee or executive. It’s vital to write or speak with a personal tone.

– Capture the sentiments of others. Testimonials are powerful content that delivers on several essential levels. They’re like favorable restaurant reviews from trusted critics. Testimonials provide your audience with someone to relate to.

– Be a thought leader in your industry. Put your expertise in writing and make your voice heard. Social media channels, blogs and newsletters are valuable tools that enable you to demonstrate your expertise. You want your audience to know they can trust what you’re saying so that your credibility continues to grow.

– Repeat, repeat again. Marketing isn’t a single act. Business professionals call their promotional efforts “campaigns” for a good reason – messaging strengthens with frequency. Without being intrusive, share your content across multiple platforms, but aim to do so at optimal times.

You cannot predict if and when content will go viral, but good content often ends up that way. With the right news, planning and commitment, you have a far better chance at elevating your reputation and generating visibility for your success!

by: Ashley Fierman

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