Smartphone apps have changed our world, for sure. They’ve simplified our lives, created new efficiencies and sales opportunities for business and connect us socially to other humans living on our block or half way around the globe.

Apps have even made us healthier.

Case in point: Some exciting new technology coming out of the University of Florida’s Department Engineering.

Researchers in Gainesville created a smart mouth guard that can, among other things, detect teeth grinding at night— a problem faced by 1 in 5 Americans.

While not available on the market quite yet, the mouth guard recently placed second in an international student competition held in Anchorage, Alaska. We are proud to say one member of the research team was Troy Templin, UF biomedical engineering graduate and son of BoardroomPR executive Todd Templin.

This technology recently drew the attention of some national media, including this story in Popular Science.

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