There is more noise than ever in our media landscape. Between linear, digital, social, print, (fake! just kidding.) we are consistently overwhelmed by the sheer volume of content out there. So how does one do it? How does one break through to engage and influence their target audience?

Here are BoadroomPR’s Four Top Tips to Break Through The Noise:

1. Content Is King: We at BoardroomPR firmly believe that good content will always find a home. The priority is the actual message, always. We don’t believe in reverse engineering content from a strategy perspective. It’s about tailoring the strategy to the content, and not the other way ‘round. Create value in the way that only you can – that’s the best strategy there is!

2. Remember the Demo: Who are you speaking to? It really is that simple. Get inside their head. If it’s a millennial – think like a millennial. Talk to millennials on the street. Understand their buying habits, the brands they like, what they watch. The more you can hone in on the demo, and understand them, the better shot you have of reaching and resonating with them.

3. Phones, Tablets, Watches – Oh My! The way within which we consume content has also stratified dramatically. We’re watching TV on the internet (on tablets) (on the elliptical), scrolling the social media on our watches, and reading the news on our phones. With so many different ways of content consumption out there, it’s important to think about where and how your audience is engaging with your content. If the content is web based, go the extra step to make sure the interface works well on a cell phone. Build the synapse in your mind to think of these different viewing platforms, and the consumer experience with each one with regard to your content.

4. Start A Conversation: More than ever, content has become dialogue. Social media is fascinating because it’s a two-way street: content-makers now must engage with their audiences in real time through comment threads, Twitter replies, and videos. So take advantage! Ask your audience what they want. It really is that simple! You have a focus group readily available 24/7. Use it!

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